BREAKING News From Muslim Rep. After George Floyd Decision- She Is Extremely FOUL

How do the democrats continue to push such a ridiculous idea?  You cannot have a peaceful and civil society if you disarm the citizens and de-fund and dismantle the law enforcement departments that are meant to serve and protect.

Tlaib’s arguments on our nation’s Police was founded and created off of racism as well as how they are out of control and currently use structured racism, is so moronic, yet it continues to grow and gain momentum under the democrats regime.


Breitbart reports that Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) on Monday addressed her call to outlaw the policing of neighborhoods and incarceration, claiming without evidence that law enforcement organizations are built on “structural racism.”

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A partial transcript is as follows:


JOE MADISON: [Policing] is becoming a cash cow for a lot of communities. What I mean by this, as we saw in Ferguson, you over-police a community, the poor end up paying fines, they end up going to court. There are a lot of folks making a lot of money, from the judges to the clerks on this whole criminal policing apparatus we have. Agree or disagree?

REP. RASHIDA TLAIB: Absolutely. Even in Detroit, $300 million dollars [goes] toward policing, toward the police department. Do you know how much we have toward public health? $8 million. We have a public health pandemic we weren’t ready for and we’re trying to handle it and address it, but even with all of that you wonder why 40 percent of the deaths, the statistics of been seeing out of Michigan of COVID, have been my black neighbors.


Enough with the constant pretending that more training is going to work. When Mr. Castile died in Minnesota, they invested $12 million in training. From George Floyd to now Daunte Wright, you see this constant push and then people throw up their hands, black and brown communities say enough. Even many of our white counterparts are calling my office saying, “Rashida, you’re right. I think we need to reimagine, we need to really think.” I said, “absolutely,” because police can’t be the answer to poverty, police can’t be the answer to all these ills in our country and can’t be the answer to addressing the fact that they were built on very much structural racism. Look at the history of policing in our country.

Wait, so her argument is that people break the law and have to pay fines, go to jail and if they are poor it financially hurts them to pay fines and go to jail?  Now that is not to say that our nation does not have a law enforcement problem, we do and it does need addressed but it starts from the corruption and greed from the regime deep state on down to city councils.

Citizens will never agree on how “policing” should take place or what is fair and right.  Of course poverty is extremely effected by law enforcement, if a person steals food to feed their family, they get busted and off to jail they go.  To jails and prisons already passed max capacity.  As an example.  Is that justice?  Is that fair or should programs be in place to help poverty stricken communities, with enough money to make a difference?

The problem is not police departments, it’s those in power who create new laws and policies that police must enforce, that are the problem.  Funny how politicians ignore the real problem and pass blame onto whatever agenda they want to destroy.

The public needs to be just as educated on their rights as the police who have to enforce the laws.  Then we must have the right to EQUAL representation in the courts.  See the problem?  It starts from the government and trickles down and it is “We The People” who are treated like cattle that pay the ultimate price.


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God Bless.

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