JUST IN: George Soros Just Got BAD NEWS From This Country- Thank You PRESIDENT TRUMP

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George Soros’ Influence Is No Longer Welcome In His Birth Nation

Hungary is hungry for some Soros-flavored revenge and is threatening to crack down on his twisted little university: the Central European University.

Soros, a Hungarian, Jewish-American, convicted felon, and Nazi-collaborator is one of the strangest and most vile Americans that have sought refuge in the States following the fall of the Third Reich and the rest of the world knows his true nature even if the godless Left hasn’t realized it.

Here’s what Hungary had to say for their attack on the Soros-funded CEU institution:

The Hungarian government on Tuesday proposed amendments to the country’s 2011 law for higher education, which would prevent Budapest-based Central European University from operating and granting both Hungarian and U.S. degrees.

“No university can stand above Hungarian law,” said a Hungarian government statement provided to POLITICO. “Several institutions are acting unlawfully when they issue foreign university degrees here in Hungary while not conducting teaching in their country of origin, as prescribed by Hungarian regulations … The government will be making the Hungarian regulations stricter to include the fact that universities from outside the EU can only hold courses and issue degrees in Hungary on the basis of an international treaty.”

The current Prime Minister of Hungary, Viktor Orban has been looking for ways to limit foreign influence from dominating the educational systems within his country.

Can you blame him?

Like President Trump, Orban has been an outspoken critic of the policies encouraged by the Soros-funded organizations like The Open Society.  He’s right not to hand an exception to CEU just because it operates under the pretense of a university.

Response From The United States Is Quite Bizarre:

The US Embassy released a rather peculiar statement on the matter, claiming that the Soros-linked university has “bipartisan support” backing it.  Well, this citizen doesn’t support anything linked to Soros but I will happily support any nation that wants to be rid of him and his mischief.

President Trump should take a close look at the statement made by our embassy in Budapest as well as David Kostelancik who authored the statement itself. Best of luck to the Hungarians and the Nationalist government of Hungary.


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