BREAKING: George Zimmerman Comes Out Of SHADOWS- Makes JAW DROPPING Announcement About…

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George Zimmerman crept out from the shadows to give a brief and somewhat awkward interview with Chuck Johnson’s Wesearchr Team. For the most part, the interview is boring and uncomfortable–but there was one question that might surprise you.  Zimmerman looks kind of stressed and uncertain–he didn’t know which questions would be asked in advance and the questions were chosen by highest bidder — in essence it was anyone’s game.

There were the predictable questions — what he thought was the worst news source (Al Sharpton’s segment on MSNBC), who he thought was the most fair during his trial (Fox’s Sean Hannity), and what he was most thankful for (his prosecutor no longer working in Florida).

But then there was one that made him blink for a second: “What’s the best way to solve the black crime epidemic,” his proxy-interviewer asked.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure this was worth writing about until then.  But Zimmerman leaned forward a bit and had some interesting insight to offer.  His solution, something that he apparently had participated in, was for more people to go into the black community and act as mentors.  He seemed a bit upset that no one had ever bothered to talk to the kids that he mentored and I can understand why.

The rest of the interview was much more light-hearted. One questioner asked if he would start a Zimmerman body-guard company with him (yes).  Another asked how he felt about monarchism.  People actually paid to ask these things too!

The proceeds from the Wesearchr interview went directly to Zimmerman–less a commission to the Wesearchr platform. Some interesting bounties are posted there often and AFF Media occasionally covers their debacles.

They were the team of researchers behind the stories that shut down Facebook’s biased trending team, that released the footage of Obama talking about white people, that uncovered the link between anti-Trump activist Alicia Machado and the cartels, and who destroyed the Rolling Stone hoaxer.


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