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There are truly some disgusting, despicable pieces of garbage in this world, and if you have the Internet — which obviously if you’re reading this, you do — this is a fact you’re well aware of, thanks to the near constant flow of information we have at our fingertips.

Just in case you’re having a hard time believing this to be true — you know better — allow me to present you with a prime example of what kind of scum exists out there in the real world. This will make your skin crawl.

A teacher from the great state of Georgia who was busted and sent to the big house for — this is really nasty so prepare yourself — solicitation of sodomy, has now additionally been charged with reckless conduct by a person with HIV, according to authorities.

Tracy Wayne Crosby, 42, may have exposed a 16-year-old boy to the virus knowingly, a truly disturbing and horrific thing to do to someone. As if the pursuit of sexual gratification with someone that age isn’t already awful enough.

The boy’s mom spoke with police, stating that she witnessed Crosby “having a sexual relationship” with her son in a local park. She said her son had left home without explaining where he was going, and she followed up, finding the car involved in the incident at the park.

According to Fox News, the sicko in question here was kicked to the curb by the school where he taught, but that wasn’t the only consequence for his action.

Apparently Crosby also served as a sheriff’s deputy, which just goes to show how depraved this guy was. He was also fired from this position as well.

Crosby is one sick, twisted, disgusting individual who absolutely deserves everything that is happening to him and then some.

What’s really unfortunate is that teachers taking advantage of underage students is becoming rather common these days, which is just one more reason why the federal government should not be running the public education system.

Here’s another example of the depravity our kids are being exposed to on a daily basis. Apparently a special ed teacher decided to do the dirty deed with a student.

The New York Daily News says:

A special education teacher at a Pennsylvania school for juvenile offenders is accused of having sex with a student in her classroom.

Jordan Dominique Ondish was arrested last week after officials at Summit Academy in Herman obtained a cellphone with sexually explicit text messages between the teacher and a 19-year-old student, WPXI reports.

Ondish is also accused of buying the unidentified teen the phone, officials said.

While this is absolutely egregious, what makes the Crosby case so shocking is that this man has a serious disease, a killer one, and yet still sought to have a sexual relationship with this kid, knowing he was putting him at risk.

It truly takes a horrible human being to do that to another person, but you have to be utter garbage to this to a kid. Period.



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