ARRESTED: German Authorities Baffled By Double-Agent Jihadist Charged With Treason!


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Report: Merkel Administration Allowed Jihadist With Curious Pornography Background To Become Mole At Top Intelligence Agency.


It’s election season in Germany and despite all the reasons to live on and prosper all signs point toward Germans continuing on with this suicide circus of policy-makers that sacrifice the common man to the radical Muslim extremist.

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This latest example of flagrant mismanagement might be tough for them to better for some time. It involves a gay porn star and his dream of becoming James Bond so that he could blow up the building he worked at—really.


The German intelligence agencies are learning that it might not be such a good idea to hire porn stars to be your analysts and agents. Or, at least, that should be the takeaway, but this is the Germany that has an upcoming an election and the woman that is pumping the Deutschland full of potential Islamists is the leading favorite.

Obviously, a story about German gay porn star becoming a state agent and then plotting treason with a group of dogmatically extreme barbarians that were let in by Germany’s favorite for the next election is completely normal. It’s the United States that is out of its mind, right liberals?


Anyways, let’s back-up and explain the story for those of our readers that have some common sense. The German version of Ron Jeremy decides he’s done working with anal lube and decides to be a spy. Because this is Germany, a country with no limit to self-hate, they accepted his application and gave him access to classified materials. God forbid some rabid Marxist calls the government homophobic for not wanting a degenerate sex-worker meddling with top-secret information!

It would be far better for said degenerate sex-worker to, say, plot a terror attack on the very office that her worked at, right? Because that’s exactly what this guy did.

The man, who the German authorities won’t even fully name (for shame or for empathy, who knows), has come up with quite a defense for himself: boredom.

To make matters more alarming, others are chiming in now saying that the Gay Gestapo Jihadi might be suffering from some sort of mental illness.

Roque M., a 52-year-old father of four, may have psychological issues and multiple personalities, according to those who interviewed him…

That really speaks wonders for the pyscho-analysts in Germany. How did this guy pass through without raising red flags?

Isn’t the first thing you look for in an intelligence agent (after a bit of intelligence, maybe) some form of self-control? Certainly what you don’t desire is a shameless porn star that actively sells media of his engagement in lewd acts!

Germany had this coming—and that’s a fact because after all of this they released him back into the public!

German authorities arrested him in November, but released him in July because there was no evidence that he had plans for an attack plot, nor connections to radical Islamist groups. But he is now on trial in the western city of Düsseldorf for treason.

The German election is fast approaching, but the German Government is working hard to manipulate voters towards maintaining the status quo.

Only external shame, scrutiny and pressure can help prevent the Merkel echo chamber from deafening reality.

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