BREAKING: Germany Tried To RIG Election! Check Out How Much TAX PAYER Money They Gave To Hillary- MSM SILENT

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Talk about interfering in elections- how’s this?

Looks like disgraced German Chancellor Angela Merkel not only backed Hillary Clinton for president, she did so using German taxpayer dollars.  What’s that you say about interfering in elections?  Oh, I guess it’s only acceptable when it’s done on your behalf or when you are doing it.  In this case it seems more like a case of projection, much like the cheating spouse that accuses their spouse of infidelity.

Germany’s Chancellor Merkel secretly gave Hillary 4 million euros during the campaign and election season.

Hillary is facing a backlash in Germany after it was revealed the country’s taxpayers handed over £4million to her foundation via the government at the height of the US elections with the full sanction of Chancellor Merkel at the height of the US elections.

According to reports, the scandal-ridden Clinton Foundation received the cash to help plant trees in Africa.  The timing is suspect at best because at exactly the same time this funding was received Hillary was busily touting Angela Merkel her “favorite” world leader and politician.

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Mrs Merkel and Mrs Clinton met a number of times over the years

The revelation of the financing arrangement has been met with as much scorn as expected when taxpayer funds go to meddle in the elections of foreign governments. In October, around the same time the transaction was made, it was revealed that Mrs. Clinton said the German Chancellor was one of her “favorites” when asked about who she admired in global politics. Well, of course, she’s your “favorite”  Hillary!  She adds those commas and zeros to that bottom line!

It just seems there is no end to the corruption. The Clinton Campaign was funded by multiple foreign governments with donations from the Saudis, the Chinese, and now the Germans and a host of others helping the Democrats but everyone is worried about the Russians helping the Republicans. These double standards and the moral superiority complex is so naked and apparent!

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