JUST IN: Germany Makes SICK Move Against America… Says They Will NOT Do This

Germany will not back United States should we go to war with North Korea…



Mainstream media keeps reporting that North Korea tensions are lowering and diplomacy is winning out.  Which is complete lies and propaganda, North Korean tensions are still on the rise as the DPRK continues to ignore all sanctions and China is now ignoring them as well.

The situation is getting to the point that other nations have to decide where they stand, should the U.S. decide to put an end to North Korea’s nuclear ICBM’s and warheads, RT reports.

Germany has made it clear where they stand, Merkel has stated that Germany will not automatically side with the United States.

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“Germany will not necessarily back America, No, Not automatically. I do not see any military solution to North Korea.  I think it is wrong, diplomatic means have not been utilized in full.”~ German Chancellor Merkel


This coming from a woman that endorses Islam on German soil as well as leaches off of the United States to keep Russian troops from German borders.

We live in a world where nuclear threats are real, dictators commit genocide as well as create chemical and biological weapons to unleash on any they choose.

The real issue is that North Korea has promised to unleash their ICBM’s on the United States mainland.  We continue to use diplomacy to get North Korea to see reason.  You cannot reason with a sociopath that desires to destroy you and all you stand for.

As North Korea tensions continue to escalate, we will see more rhetoric and saber-rattling on both sides as well as North Korea ignoring the sanctions and doubling their efforts into building the ICBM’s and nuclear warheads.

A conflict in the South Pacific should be avoided, if it truly can be, but North Korea cannot be allowed to continue to threaten the United States and break international laws.

POTUS Donald Trump has promised that if other nations, such as China, fail to do their part in diplomacy to put an end to North Korea’s nuclear programs and ICBM’s, that the United States will.

Well Mr. President, diplomacy is failing and other nations are not only against military use, some even have lied to the United States and allow North Korea to do as they please.  These sanctions on North Korea, Russia and China are failing and being ignored.  How will the United States respond?

God Bless.

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