Here’s Their Plan to Get Hunter Biden Out Of EVERYTHING


Joe Biden’s son, crackhead CHICOM Hunter Biden will most likely escape any consequences for his corrupt dealings with Ukraine, China Russia and other illegal acts he has committed.

And so will his senile father Demented Joe.

They are above the rest of us peasants and will probably skate for all his crimes.

The dude is a scumbag.

We have done extensive reporting on Hunter Biden’s corrupt dealings with China, Russia and Ukraine and there is ample evidence to tie Joe Biden to illegal deals that should land them in prison.

The problem is that the DOJ and the FBI are running cover for these criminals and will do everything possible to keep the Biden’s safe from prosecution of extremely serious crimes and instead are looking at charging Hunter for other minor violations thinking that the public will be fooled into thinking they did their job and went after Hunter and everything will be just fine.

It’s similar to chasing a murderer in a high speed pursuit and charging him with running a red light even though they have rock solid evidence that the person committed murder.

The plan


Federal prosecutors have a cunning plan to close Hunter Biden’s criminal case before it ever even opens. All they have to do is charge him with both tax crimes and making a false statement to buy a gun. The same defense gets him out of both charges and nobody will ever have to answer for the influence peddling.

The real crime is the one where Hunter sold political access to Joe Biden. His clients were all Russian, Chinese and Ukrainian. The public will never get to hear a word about any of that extremely illegal activity.

A shut and open case

Federal prosecutors working the case for Gestapo General Merrick Garland have a cunning plan to get Hunter Biden out of just about everything. They start by filing criminal tax charges and then they charge him for lying on a federal form when he bought a gun.

The admitted crack cocaine addict swore under penalty of perjury that he wasn’t an addict. All he has to say to get out of everything is that he was an addict and not responsible for his actions at the time.

They’ll file it in the Biden friendly Delaware jurisdiction. The feds are presently dragging their feet trying to get past the mid-terms. They way they put it, they’re “holding off on a final determination as they review defense evidence.” The Wall Street Journal got someone liquored up enough to talk about the sordid details.

Prosecutors are “said to be struggling with whether the defense team could rely on Hunter’s sordid drug-fueled history — which is the basis for the gun permit lie allegations — to argue in the tax crimes case that he wasn’t in the right frame of mind at the time.”

Hunter has been wide open about his drug abuse history. He documented it all in living color on his laptop too. His defense team is already having private meetings with the prosecutors so they can get their stories straight.

As New York Post explains, “Hunter’s defense team have met with Justice Department attorneys in recent weeks as they try to oppose the government’s potential case.

Prosecutors coordinating defense

Because the Just Us Department really runs this country, they think its perfectly normal and acceptable to lay all their cards on the defense table. “As is proper and legally required, we believe the prosecutors in this case are diligently and thoroughly weighing not just evidence provided by agents, but also all the other witnesses in this case, including witnesses for the defense.”

That statement was made by Hunter’s attorney Chris Clark. It’s not often you hear defense lawyers saying nice things about their adversary.

Washington Post already revealed their inside moles report that “federal agents determined months ago that they had enough evidence to bring a viable criminal case against Hunter.” They can, they just don’t want to.

Daily Caller tweeted- “MSNBC on Hunter Biden: “He did this while his father was Vice President and in charge of Ukraine issues, and he was taking 50,000 dollars a month from that energy company.”‘


Then, they came up with the idea to implode the whole influence peddling scheme into one tiny footprint, right on top of Hunter. Once that fell into place, they realized they could sweep all the dust right under the rug in one neat little operation.

Prosecutors are convinced that while “usually a drug addiction is a mitigating factor on sentencing, not a bar to a charge,” in this case, prosecutors could bring a “narrow scope of charges.” Then, “seal a plea bargain with little or no jail time.”

Jonathan Turley notes that “the result would be to practically close off the matter before any investigation by a GOP-controlled House of Representatives. A convenient plea would work to the advantage of many in Washington, including the media.”

So that’s the plan.

This is so corrupt it’s insane.

But if Republicans aggressively pursue the crimes that would bring down the Biden family and are successful which is possible, we could very well see Hunter, Joe and his brother tossed in prison for years.

Hey- it’s possible.

Let’s see if they have the balls to take on the Biden cartel and the swamp.

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God Bless.

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