And the money making fear mongering continues.

Yes folks, a new COVID variant has emerged so the government will no doubt impose more lockdowns, mandates and force people to get yet another slew of experimental vaccinations while BIG PHARMA is laughing all the way to the bank.

Stocks in the 3 BIG PHARMA companies dealing with COVID have SKYROCKETED!

And FLIP-FLOP FAUCI couldn’t be happier.

This is all about weaponizing these viruses to control the masses.

The new virus- Omicron. It’s a freaking cold for God’s sake!

Check this out from Mac Slavo at

Unfortunately, it appears that Americans, and slaves worldwide learned noting from their experiences with the ruling class over the past two years. Now, we are supposed to prepare for the possibility of more lockdowns and vaccine mandates so the rulers can maintain power over everyone else.

Americans should be prepared to fight the spread of the new COVID-19 variant Omicron, but it is too soon to say what actions are needed, including possible mandates or lockdowns, top U.S. infectious disease official head medical tyrant Dr. Anthony Fauci said on Sunday. Non-compliance with your own enslavement is no longer an option.

Sadly, most of us saw this coming. A new scariant used to lockdown people once again, tearing further at those already unable to make ends meet and transferring wealth to the top once again. Not only that but mandates and force to be injected with something that the rulers now admit doesn’t work in the way they said it would.

The United States must do “anything and everything” amid likely cases of the variant, but it is “too early to say” whether we need new lockdowns or mandates, Fauci told ABC News. “You want to be prepared to do anything and everything,” he added. These sociopaths are making it clear that they own us. They give the orders and we are expected to obey. The real question is will you?

The time to go along to get along has passed. We have the opportunity to be truly free but it’s going to start with the realization that no one owns you and has any right to rule over you or use others to force you into compliance.

The evil genius of this narrative is that it requires no evidence whatsoever. Since no one can actually see a “variant” — and since no isolated omicron viral samples exist anywhere in the world for lab test confirmations — a coordinated mass media hysteria campaign simply implants human consciousness with the illusion of omicron, accompanied by extreme fear.

To date, no one in America has even been diagnosed with the variant, and no one has died from it anywhere on the planet. Yet thanks to mass media journo-terrorism, half of America is now freaking out over something that likely doesn’t exist at all. “Omicron” is almost certainly a coordinated fabrication. -Natural News

It is doubtful that this is the last variant. They will use any means necessary to keep the world enslaved and ensure that enslavement is permanent. The real issue will be if they decide not enough are complying with the fabricated viral outbreak, and create something real that will do massive harm and damage.

The only thing we can do is watch and prepare.  Make sure you continue to use critical thinking skills, never succumb to fear and be as ready as you can be for anything. Put nothing past anyone who claims they have any power over you. The only thing we know for sure is that they are not done.

The symptoms are reportedly mild which include a mild cough, sniffles and fatigue.


I’m not a doctor but it sounds as if you catch this Omicron all you need to do is take some NyQuil, some Vitamin C and get plenty of rest.

There have been no deaths reported or hospitalizations at the time of this publication.

If you have any concerns contact your doctor.

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God Bless.

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