Gigantic Crazy Black Guy Rampages Through Hospital And Does THIS- Where’s The OUTRAGE?



A gigantic 6-foot-tall, 220-pound black man rampaged through the WellStar Kennestone Hospital emergency room in Marietta, GA, randomly beating people up, WSBTV reported.

Shannon Hill says her son made a late-night trip to Kennestone’s ER because his son, Kaiden, had a serious ear infection.

While filling out paperwork, Jason Haynes was attacked from behind and knocked unconscious as his two kids watched.

“This guy came out of nowhere. (My son) is just struggling right now to even realize exactly what happened and he’s pretty messed up,” said Hill.

Witnesses say after knocking out Haynes, the 6-foot-tall, 220-pound attacker went after others in the emergency room, leaving at least four others hurt.

The culprit?

31-year-old Chase Moses, a gigantic black man who “had no explanation for his ER rampage other than to tell a Marietta police officer that someone had made a comment about killing his family.”

However, camera footage shows that Chase Moses interacted with none of the victims prior to his rampage.

Psycho alert, anybody?

Unfortunately, while this story might seem funny from the get-go, there is absolutely nothing funny about what happened to Shannon Hill’s son:

“He’s got to have surgery on his jaw.

“It’s broke in four places; he’s got four teeth that are knocked out.

“He’s got bleeding on the brain. How in the world was there nothing, no help for my son, when his children had to pull him across the floor to get him protected?” Hill said.

According to Chase Moses’ wife, he apparently suffers from schizophrenia, paranoia and other behavioral disorders.

Yet she chose to drop him off unattended at the hospital and now wants to claim that he was denied care.

This is one ANGRY man that needs to be locked up!


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