Girl Can’t Stop Puking, Then Dad Sees What Immigrant Did To Her…

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Have you ever gone to a restaurant or a fast food joint and placed your order with someone who barely speaks English? I have and it is pretty frustrating- but it can also be deadly! 

Some people have potentially deadly reactions to certain foods, like peanuts. Here’s what happened in Massachusetts to a young girl as a result of immigrants working in restaurants that don’t speak English.

The incident began when a father sat down to have lunch with his 6-year-old daughter when suddenly she started violently vomiting and breaking out with hives all over her body. The father rushed her to the hospital just in time to save her life. When he found out what was wrong, he was furious.

John Russo said that ever since his daughter was diagnosed with a peanut allergy around the age of 18 months, he and his wife, Elissa, have been vigilant about explaining her condition at restaurants, and never leaving the house without an epinephrine pen in case of accidental exposure, The Boston Globe reports.

When his wife used Panera’s computerized online system to order from the Natick location she specifically noted in two places that the grilled cheese was for a child with a peanut allergy.

But, thanks to one of Obama’s precious immigrants the little girl’s grilled cheese sandwich had PEANUT BUTTER on it! Who would actually order peanut butter on a grilled cheese sandwich? I mean, come on now. Unbelievable!

The sandwich from Panera that the family said included peanut butter. Photo credit/ The Boston Globe

The sandwich from Panera that the family said included peanut butter. Photo credit/ The Boston Globe

Russo said that during a phone call on the night of the incident, a manager at the Natick cafe apologized to him profusely and blamed the incident on a “language” issue. He had the audacity to offer to pay for some Benadryl!

Conceivably, an employee with limited English could have seen the notation of “peanut” as an instruction to add it to the grilled cheese rather than to keep it out of the sandwich.

But Russo said that explanation was “no excuse” and didn’t even strike him as plausible. Since the online order twice said “peanut allergy,” he asked, “Did they just see ‘peanut’ and not the ‘allergy’ part?”

Now, the Russo’s are suing Panera for almost killing their daughter. The court complaint says the restaurant “engaged in unfair and deceptive business practices by adding peanut butter to the plaintiff’s grilled cheese sandwich knowing that [she] has a life-threatening peanut allergy,” according to

Panera is getting what they deserve and I hope they pay dearly. Hiring illegals or even legal immigrant that don’t speak English because they want cheap labor is unacceptable. This little girl could very well have died thanks to this inept immigrant.

Our hearts and prayers go out to this poor little girl and we wish her a speedy recovery.



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