Girl Gets Bullied By Boy, Shows Him What’s REALLY Under Her Dress [VIDEO]


A video has gone mega-viral that shows a girl absolutely owning a boy that was bullying her on Facebook.

The incident happened in front of a crowd of students during a student lunch break. The girl is a student of Creekside High School, an alternative high school, and the boy is a Sonoma Valley High School student.


Unfortunately for the bully, the young lady here is an Australian Brazilian Jiui Jitsu fighter! Lol!

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Watch this girl in action!




Posted by Kit Dale on Sunday, February 14, 2016

The video, which appears to show a female student body-slamming and attacking a male student, has garnered nearly 14 million views online and, as Fox 2 reports, has response from the school, police, and even Facebook.

In the video, a girl – who reportedly attends a neighboring school – can be seen attacking a male Sonoma Valley High student, kneeing him twice in the face before running away from the scene, IJ Review reports.

A teacher can be seen shouting “Who is that girl?” before trying to chase after her.

The MMA fighter who re-posted the video, Kit Dale, said he asked the student who originally filmed the incident for permission beforehand. He says it struck a chord with him because he was bullied as a teen, but added he never expected such a massive response:

“I posted it with a caption of what I was told, what I heard from one side of the story and it just sort of spiraled out of control.”

The school district has since released a statement condemning the “unacceptable” incident, and explains that – though they asked Facebook to remove the video on the grounds of “violent content and because minors are recognizable” – the social media site declined, as it failed to “violate its community standards.”

The boy ended up with a nice shiner! Hopefully he has learned a lesson from this.


God Bless.

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  1. Scooter Tramp says:


  2. Zebulon Yegaboski says:

    All of a sudden, she’s a villain? Every person on this earth has a GOD given right to defend themselves against oppressors, assaults and evil. He deserved MORE than she gave him.

  3. that’s what this world NEEDS,,too bad she didn’t stick arud to TRASH the teacher

  4. disqus_z400pR4acl says:

    Too bad she didn’t break his fucking neck

  5. i always say~~~NO matter how big or bad you think you are~~Theres always some one going to beat your A

  6. homegrown_patriot says:

    Women must not fight back against bullies. The Islamic invasion of Europe is a classic example. A girls prepper strayed a muslim who was trying to rape her and she was charged he wasn’t! This is what we can expect of Obama’s 300,000 rape-u-gees coming to America!!!

    • Well that’s because he ran away and they never found him. She got in trouble because she told the police she maced him and mace is not allowed there. I’m not saying its right and I’m on her side but that’s the facts in that case.

    • All Women must fight back! Duh!

    • Don’t call yourself a patriot. Call yourself what you are, ill informed bigot. It was illegal for her to have it, so she got in trouble. It’s how the law works. Of course he wasn’t charged because you can’t bring charges against someone if you don’t know who it is smart guy. Those Syrian refugees are people that were created by the same God as me and he loves them just as much. If you had a clue and a conscious you will feel empathy for them instead of fear. I know brown skin is scary as hell but just remember they are just people.

      • jay2010master says:

        I see you are often on these websites calling people names. So by your comment ill informed bigot, and maybe it was against the law to have pepper spray, however in every country in Europe also has laws against forced rape. Or doesn’t that count? They may be people, however you have to love the person not their actions. If their action damage your physically you have every right to protect yourself. Matter of fact I guess you don’t remember the Christian Crusades where Christians put up with Muslims for centuries before turning the table. Also int he Bible, remember Jesus didn’t like anyone that twisted the truth if you remember the money changers being turned over, Ernst. Also If you were raised by a God why would you call someone an ill informed bigot? Just curious as you may have other motive posing as someone that you are not. Let me ask you another question – what if the people you are protecting raped your wife, mother, or sister? Would you have the same views?

  7. Cyber-buller went down!!!

  8. If that was my daughter… I would be praising her and celebrating her bravery to stand up and defend herself. THIS is what needs to happen to bullies, not the namby pamby hand wringing of the left morons. Good on her!

  9. So, the school doesn’t condone violence, but allows bullying?

  10. Wait, wait, wait how do you know this kid was a bully? I followed your links which shows nothing close to evidence that he deserved it. Only thing I see is a no name MMA fighter who happens to be from Australia and a BJJ practitioner just like this “innocent” girl. Unless you got some prove you need to stop this, people seem to actually believe your crap for some reason.

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