BREAKING NEWS On Global WARMING From Top Scientists


There’s no greater wealth redistribution scheme in existence right now than the bogus climate change nonsense constantly being pushed on us by environmentalist nutjobs and socialist Democrats.

It’s not that these people really care for the environment, they just see climate change as a golden goose for passing regulations, fines, and taxes on American businesses so they can redistribute the wealth and profits they bring into the government.


Well, a new study conducted by Australian researchers is going to give these climate folk an ulcer, as they’re now claiming that data concerning how sea levels are rising — the same information the United Nations has been relying on — was adjusted upward in “arbitrary” ways.

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According to Fox News:


The researchers examined sea level measurements in three locations around the Indian Ocean dating back to the 1800s and found that the raw sea level measurements showed no clear rise in sea levels.

Their study was published in the journal Earth Systems and Environment, and it calls into question adjusted official data showing steadily rising sea levels – which most scientists say is caused by manmade global warming. The adjustments are done by the Permanent Service for Mean Sea Level (PSMSL), which is funded by the United Kingdom government.


“The adjustments are always in the direction of increasing the alarm,” one of the study authors, Clifford Ollier, told Fox News. Ollier is a geologist and honorary research fellow at the University of Western Australia.

“If the raw data show no alarming rise, and you want to create an alarm, you have to alter the raw data,” he said.

The PSMSL did not immediately respond for a request for comment, but other scientists were critical of the study for citing too few locations and for being published in a low-tier journal.

Kristina Dahl, a scientist who is part of the Union of Concerned Scientists has serious questions concerning the credibility of the study due to the fact that it was published only a month after the journal received it. This wasn’t enough time to double check its findings and conclusions, to peer-review it for accuracy.

Conveniently, those who authored the study are suggesting critics not evaluate the piece based on their credentials, but on the strength of their arguments.

Well, that just seems goofy, doesn’t it? If your toilet is backed up and you call a plumber to diagnose the problem and fix it, don’t you expect the guy who is doing the job to be an actual plumber with experience and proper training?

Would you call someone untrained to come and do the job? No. Credentials matter.

The bottom line is, the government is attempting to run a scam on the American people by making everyone panic over “man made” climate change, when in reality, it’s all likely a myth. At least that’s where the evidence seems to point.

This is just another method of getting into the pockets of business owners, finding a way to tax their profits and give it to folks who have little ambition or drive to build something for themselves.



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