Gloria Allred could be in a world of trouble following the recent controversy over her representing a woman accusing Roy Moore of sexual misconduct.

The blood-sucking ambulance chaser is known as a Democrat hit woman who goes after Republicans with a vengeance, using false allegations of sexual impropriety to smear their good reputations. Her latest stunt involves Beverly Young Nelson, who claims that Moore sexually assaulted her 38 years ago and is using a yearbook as evidence the two knew each other.

Therein lies the problem – the signature in the yearbook is a major point of contention.

Moore and his attorneys are demanding it be turned over to have a handwriting analysis done, and Allred is refusing to release it.

We previously reported that the writing in the inscription doesn’t appear to be written by the same people, with most of it having one style of handwriting using black ink and the other a different style using blue ink. Additionally, when directly asked if her client knows for a fact that Moore signed the book, Allred hedged her answer, seemingly to safeguard herself from the inevitable defamation lawsuits that are going to come.

From Breitbart News [emphasis mine]:

TUR: Does your client, Beverly Young Nelson, remember him signing it?

ALLRED: She remembers — well, she remembers being with him. It was on the counter. She alleges that he took it, that he signed it and she was thrilled that he had signed it, because, as far as she knew, he was a D.A. and that was an important position.

TUR: So she saw him sign it?

ALLRED: I don’t believe at the time she had a clue whether he was an assistant D.A. or a D.A., but he signed it, she took it. As far as she knows, I mean, there’s no reason for her to think it’s anybody’s but his signature.

TUR: But did she see him sign it?

ALLRED: You know, I don’t — I haven’t asked her if she saw him, but we did describe what happened that evening in question. What she alleges was that she put it on the counter; that I think she asked to sign — or that he did sign it. That’s all.

TUR: I ask this, because it seems you’re not 100% sure that it is his signature, and if you’re not 100% sure that it is his signature, why would you show it at a press conference?

ALLRED: Well, why would — you know, why does anybody doubt that it is his signature?

Now, there’s this: a report from the Gateway Pundit that people in Alabama, as well as Nelson’s own stepson, are calling for Allred’s arrest over the falsified document and tampering with the state’s election.

Now there are calls for the arrest of far left Attorney Gloria Allred.

Market Ticker reported:

Jesus, it’s that obvious and CNN ran this crap?

People need to go to ****ing prison for this. NOW.

Yes, including Gloria Allred. The yearbook is an obvious forgery and she peddled it on national television; that needs to be good for disbarment and prosecution.

And Beverly Nelson’s stepson Darrel Nelson also called for the arrest of Gloria Allred.

Darrel Nelson called for Alabama to arrest Gloria Allred in a text message to The Gateway Pundit on Sunday.

Alabama needs to call for the arrest of Gloria Allred for election tampering and fraud. And more importantly for pissing us off.

Yikes. This may not turn out well.

According to, Alabama law states the following about forged documents [emphasis mine]:

A person commits the crime of forgery in Alabama by making, completing, or altering a written instrument (or a written document, trademark, signature, or other symbol of value of identification) with the intent to defraud.

Making, completing, and altering.  Forgery can be committed by creating, adding to, or altering a document. For example, signing another person’s signature to a contract can be forgery, as could deleting important paragraphs from a will, or creating a fake state identification card.

Intent to defraud.  A person has an intent to defraud if he or she intends to deceive or trick. However, signing a love letter from a pop star to a friend as a joke is unlikely to result in criminal charges, because the intent is to amuse, not to deceive. But, signing the same pop star’s name to a poster with the intent to sell the poster on Ebay as an autograph is illegal, because the forger intends to trick whomever buys the poster into believing the autograph is real.

In other words, forging the yearbook signature with the intent to defraud the voters would be a felony offense in Alabama. Further, Allred wouldn’t be able to claim ignorance in the matter either.

More from the website:

It is not only a crime to create forged documents; it is also a crime to possess such documents. A person commits the offense of possession of forged instruments (documents) by having or uttering (asserting that a document is true) a forged document knowing that the document has been forged and with the intent to defraud.

Oh boy. It’s no wonder Allred refuses to turn over the yearbook; it’s a clear piece of evidence for her intent to defraud the voters in Alabama, as well as the rest of the nation.

Not only that, if it is proven she fraudulently used the yearbook to sway the votes of Alabama residents, she would also be guilty of election tampering, according to Section 17-17-38 of Alabama’s election law, which states:

Any person who, by bribery or offering to bribe, or by any other corrupt means, attempts to influence any elector in giving his or her vote, deter the elector from giving the same, or disturb or hinder the elector in the free exercise of the right of suffrage, at any election, shall be guilty, upon conviction, of a Class C misdemeanor.

I’m pretty sure that defrauding the voters would fall under that category.

Smooth move with this one, Gloria.

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