BREAKING: Gloria Allred Makes SHOCK Announcement, Credibility DESTROYED


Notorious blood sucker Gloria Allred is set to make a shock announcement this afternoon, and it has conservatives across the country cheering, for a change.

Allred, who infamously paraded around a dozen women accusing President Trump of sexual assault during the 2016 election, has now decided to step in and destroy the credibility of the accusations against Alabama Judge Roy Moore. According to Jesse Rodriguez of MSNBC, Allred plans to hold a press conference in New Yok City in which she’ll be coming forward with another accuser against Moore.

“JUST IN: Attorney Gloria Allred to hold press conference today in New York with new accuser of former Alabama Judge Roy Moore”

Rodriguez also reported that the woman Allred is representing plans to accuse him of sexual assault when she was a minor.

“The Alabama woman will allege at 2:30pmET today that Roy Moore sexually assaulted her when she was a minor in Alabama, according to Gloria Allred.”

While some would think having another accusation lobbed against him is a bad thing, reactions across Twitter paint an entirely different picture. Conservatives took to the social media website to immediately rip Allred to shreds for her hacktivism and smearing of good conservative men, casting major doubts on whether or not her involvement is going to help sway Alabama voters.

Of course, the fact that Allred was implicated as a Democrat operative in the Wikileaks email dump isn’t going to help her cause whatsoever. In fact, all it does is diminish whatever credibility she may have had prior to being outed as a hitwoman for the left (hint: she didn’t have much).

That’s not to mention, Allred allegedly paid one of President Trump’s accusers $500,000 to defame him publicly during the election.

So there you have it. If there was any doubt whether or not the accusations against Moore were politically motivated, Allred’s involvement should clear those up with ease.

Everything this woman has ever done has either been predicated on a lie or some sort of fabrication by her Democrat overlords, so there’s absolutely no reason to believe this is going to be any different.

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