Democrats Go Full Communist And Say THIS About Conservatives- YOU Are Now A Domestic Terrorist And It Gets Worst

By Duncan Smith at The National Sentinel

The party of authoritarianism…


Remember when Republicans and conservatives were attacking liberals on college campuses, banning them from speaking in the public square, beating them senseless for having a different opinion, and trying to get them canceled from society over political differences.

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Yeah, neither do we.


It’s because Republicans and conservatives don’t do that to people.

No, that kind of tyrannical behavior is endemic to the misnamed “Democratic” Party.


And now, after a few hundred knuckleheads stormed the U.S. Capitol Building following a rally in Washington where President Trump laid out the case of vote fraud against him, up steps another poster boy for term limits, Sen. (Can I call ya) Dick Durbin (D-Ill.).

His big idea is to take away conservatives’ First Amendment rights to redress grievances and express their political speech, under the phony guise of ‘combatting terrorism.’

Fox News Chicago reports:

In the wake of Wednesday’s attack on the Capitol, Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin plans to reintroduce the Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act.

The bill was first introduced by Durbin and Brad Schneider of Illinois last fall. It passed in the House, but went nowhere in the Senate.

Sen. Durbin is now hoping that will change.

“After the attack on the Capitol, I hope that congress can finally come together and do something to address this threat,” said Sen. Durbin.

Sen. Durbin’s Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act would establish government offices at the DOJ, FBI and Department of Homeland Security to prevent future attacks, like the one this week at the US Capitol.

“It would require these offices to regularly assess the domestic terrorism threat,” said Sen. Durbin.

What BS grandstanding. Each of these agencies already have personnel who focus on ‘domestic terrorism.’

This is nothing more than yet another government ‘make-work’ program because Democrats can never have too much government.

Let’s be crystal clear: What happened at the Capitol was stupidIt really could have gotten out of hand.

BUT IT WASN’T ‘TERRORISM.’ And the VAST majority of people who attended the rally did not storm the Capitol, cause any damage, or hurt anyone.

Durbin is gaslighting, as usual, but his legislation will probably pass now that Democrats have stolen the levers of power.

Conservatives and patriots, TAKE HEED.


This article was written by Duncan Smith at The National Sentinel/ Republished with permission.

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