A House Republican leader embraced legalization of illegals this week, while other GOP heavyweights outlined legislation that critics call nothing more than amnesty and empty promises toward border enforcement.

House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., announced this week that he would support language to legalize millions in this country illegally.

In addition, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan told Texas business leaders that the party wants to promote legalization that does not include a path to citizenship and adopting the DREAM Act that legalizes children brought here illegally and would allow them to become citizens.

But Center for Immigration Studies Executive Director Mark Krikorian told WND the Republican leadership is courting disaster.

“It’s actually not surprising because it’s clear that Speaker Boehner is dead set on amnestying all the illegal aliens, and so it makes sense that one of his lieutenants is going to say the same thing,” said Krikorian, who laughs at the notion the GOP is being firm by not allowing a path to citizenship.

“The supposed middle ground is that they’re calling for an amnesty that won’t give illegal immigrants regular immigrant status, green cards that could lead to citizenship. Instead they give them a work visa amnesty, where they get to stay and they get Social Security numbers and they get everything else. It’s just that they wouldn’t end up getting citizenship. It’s a distinction without a difference. It still amnesties everybody,” Krikorian said.

“The Democrats are guaranteed to attack the Republicans for second-class citizenship or something like that. The Republicans will cave and give in after a couple years, so it’s a phony compromise, this idea of having a non-citizenship amnesty but somehow they think that’s an important difference,” he said. “The bottom line is they want the same thing as Obama and (New York Sen.) Chuck Schumer, which is to give legal status to all the illegal aliens.”

GOP leaders are publicly wary of passing any such legislation while Obama is president because his handling of Obamacare suggests he cannot be trusted to fully enforce all provisions of the law.

Their solution is to include language that would forbid the president from picking and choosing which provisions he would enforce, but Krikorian shakes his head at that notion as well.

“What is the Republican leadership thinking? It seems that they are going to trust President Obama to enforce new immigration laws even though he’s not enforcing the old ones,” Krikorian said.

Krikorian is also furious at the notion of millions more guest workers coming into the country, noting that businesses are eager to bring in people to compete with jobless Americans in every sector of the economy.

He said this is not just happening in agriculture, but immigrants will be making the job search harder for single moms, teenagers, minorities and other Americans in every area from retail to manufacturing.

Despite his frustration with Republicans in both the House and Senate, Krikorian is still upbeat that comprehensive immigration reform will never happen this year.

“I still don’t think it’s going to happen because John Boehner has made clear that he’s not going to go forward with this unless he has a majority of his own Republican caucus behind it. That’s going to be a difficult thing to arrange because even if the leadership wants it, a lot of the rank-and-file members don’t because they understand this is something voters aren’t enthusiastic about,” he said.

Krikorian also believes the effort will fail because the U.S. Senate will want nothing to do with the House GOP’s piece-by-piece approach.

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