GOP Makes Sickening Move To STOP Trump By Supporting THIS Candidate… For A 3rd Party Run


Do you remember when Donald Trump was made to promise not to run as an independent and pledged his loyalty to the Republican party? Well, now the GOP elites may dig up Mitt Romney to run as a 3rd party candidate to try to defeat TRUMP! LMAO!

How stupid do you think “We the People” are? How dare you demand a loyalty pledge from Trump and then turn around and threaten to do the same thing you didn’t want Trump to do. We are much smarter than that and you won’t fool most of us.

It’s time the GOP started to pay attention to the wishes of the people and show the people the same respect that Donald Trump showed us when he took the pledge. If Trump gets the nomination, then so be it. The people will have spoken. Don’t try to change this country into a dictatorship by threatening a third party run.

GARTH KANT at WND reports:


Mark McKinnon, former President George W. Bush’s chief media strategist, suggested a scenario to NPR the GOP elite might follow if it looks like Trump will win the party’s presidential nomination.

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“The Republican establishment completely freaks out. They get together and say, this is unacceptable, but it looks like it’s going to happen. So we go off, and we create a new Republican Party as an Independent candidacy and draft somebody who’s tanned, rested and ready to go and with a lot of money, somebody like Mitt Romney,” speculated McKinnon.


Former Rep. Steve Stockman, R-Texas, was floored by that.

“I think it’s absolutely hypocritical and crazy for the moderates to sit there and lecture conservatives about a third party and then turn around and practically advocate that for one of their own,” he told WND.


Stockman pointed out that Republicans don’t come any more moderate than McKinnon himself, considering he was an adviser to Democrats before he was tapped to help elect Bush in 2000.

McKinnon is a former Democratic consultant who had helped the late Texas Gov. Ann Richards and presidential candidate Michael Dukakis before joining the Bush team.

Stockman said that made him a favorite interview of such left-leaning media outlets as NPR, because they could portray his views as representing Republicans.

“Think about it,” said the former lawmaker. “This is a Bush consultant. The establishment trashed Trump for refusing to rule out a third party run. Now this guy turns around and suggests a prominent Republican may want to do the very same thing.”

“It’s like when rich kids don’t win the game, they turn the table over, pout and run off,” he said.

The Washington elite can not accept or believe that Trump could win, because if he does, the elite will not have anyone to control. Remember, Trump is the only one in U.S. history that is financing his own campaign by taking it out of his own pocket. That says a lot, because the lobbyists and special interest groups will loose their power in Washington.

I just hope the silent majority out there are fed up enough to come out of the wood works and vote for Trump. We need to send these jerks a loud message that can be heard around the world. The bottom line, they are afraid of him, because he will get things done and make this country great again.


It is time for the American people to say enough is enough. Boehner, Cochran, McConnell, McCain, Graham, and the rest of the RINOS are complacent in the treason being perpetuated by the Obama Regime.



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