BREAKING: GOP Threatens To Put HIGH PROFILE Republican Into Race To STOP Trump


We’ve just received word that the GOP has been working feverishly to stop DONALD J. TRUMP- including plans to bring in MITT ROMNEY!

Romney HAS suddenly been in the spotlight with his attacks on Trump, something that I myself had to ask myself, why?

This just might be the reason folks. The Republican establishment is absolutely desperate to keep Donald Trump out of the White House and according to Impulse Today, Romney is the establishment’s Plan B to stop Trump. Lol, Romney.

The GOP establishment is desperate to prevent GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump from becoming president. They are so desperate that they may even want Democratic presidential frontrunner Hillary Clinton to win instead of Trump.


So far, Trump has won three out of four elections and polls suggest that he’ll win most of the states that are voting on Super Tuesday. If this happens then he’ll most likely be the one to win the GOP nomination, which has establishment insiders scared.

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As a result, there are two plans in the works to stop Trump if he continues to win states. The first plan is to have Senator Marco Rubio drop out and have Mitt Romney go up against Trump instead. The other plan is to have a third party candidate in the general election that will go up against Clinton and Trump which could still be Romney. These plans are seriously being discussed in secret right now by Republican establishment leaders.



Romney’s wealth and popularity could give him a quick boost if he jumps into the race now. The plan would involve him getting as many delegates as he can during the remaining caucuses and primaries that take place in April, May and June. Some big delegate states vote during these months, such as California, New York and New Jersey.


Romney may not receive more delegates than the real estate mogul, but the idea is for Romney to prevent Trump from getting enough delegates to secure the GOP nomination. If this were to happen then it would be a “brokered convention” and as long as Trump does not win on the first ballot Romney would be the nominee.

But if Romney is still unable to prevent Trump from getting the nomination, then the second plan will go into effect. Alternatively, the establishment may forgo fighting Trump’s inevitable GOP nomination, instead they will seek Romney to run the independent campaign. The GOP establishment will consider putting together an independent campaign, which will ultimately mean that Hillary Clinton will win. Keeping Trump from getting to the White House is what the GOP establishment leaders want more than anything at this point.

Here is what Politico reported:

“Conservative donors have engaged a major GOP consulting firm in Florida to research the feasibility of mounting a late, independent run for president amid growing fears that Donald Trump could win the Republican nomination.”

“A memo prepared for the group zeroes in on ballot access as a looming obstacle for any independent candidate, along with actually identifying a viable, widely known contender and coalescing financial support for that person. The two states with the earliest deadlines for independent candidates, Texas and North Carolina, also have some of the highest hurdles for independents to get on the ballot, according to the research.”

“All this research has to happen before March 16th, when inevitably Trump is the nominee, so that we have a plan in place,” a source with information about the discussions said.



Personally I back Trump all the way but if another candidate turns out to be the Republican nominee, I will most certainly vote for them.

Look at the alternative- Clinton or Sanders? No thanks, I love my country WAY too much.

Look, the bottom line is, we Conservatives have to stand together no matter who gets the nomination. It sucks, but sometimes life sucks and we just can’t have another 4 years of liberals, Muslims, degenerates, sick and disgusting anti Americans in our White House.

Let us know what YOU think in the comments and we just want to thank you for being a part of the AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS family!

God Bless. 

(h/t Headline Politics)


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