Dr. Sebastian Gorka is a favorite among conservatives which makes him a favorite target of the left, and right after being cleared of gun charges by the TSA, something horrible happened.

Gorka was initially charged with accidentally bringing a gun to the airport and trying to get through the security checkpoint. Obviously, his move was a mistake as anyone as smart as him (he does have a PhD) knows that bringing a gun on an airplane is illegal.


According to the Washington Post, the charges against 46-year-old Gorka were dismissed by a Virginia judge on Friday after he determined that Gorka’s intent in trying to bring the firearm on the plane wasn’t malicious.

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From the Post:

Gorka, 46,  a former national security editor for Breitbart who lives in Fairfax County, Va., was stopped Jan. 31 last year after he attempted to pass through a Transportation Security Administration (TSA) checkpoint  at Reagan National Airport with a 9 mm handgun.  In August, he entered an Alford plea,  which means a defendant acknowledges that prosecutors have enough evidence to obtain a conviction.


Gorka has been an outspoken and controversial public figure about the threat the West faces from radical Islam. Breitbart reported Friday that during his Arlington County Circuit Court appearance in August, Gorka explained that he carried a firearm because he and his family have received death threats, which he reported to the FBI and Fairfax County police. He also said that he was hurrying to catch a flight to a military briefing at the request of the Defense Department when he accidentally mixed up his carry-on bag with one that he had used to take his handgun to a local shooting range, the news site says.


Of course, the left had thought they claimed another scalp from Team Trump, so the news left them quite outraged since Gorka got off the hook. At the time, they even called Gorka the “gun-smuggling, anti-immigrant” aide to the White House.

Gorka is an immigrant from Hungary, for the record.

So rather than take the dismissal for what it was – a reasonable judge showing leniency to a man who obviously didn’t have ill intentions (he was a national security adviser to the president, after all), the left did what the left always does, and looked for another reason to hang Gorka, and they found one…from decades ago.

Here’s what they’re saying on Twitter right now:

“Certainly ICE can find this soft – and it’s as if the word was created just for him – target @SebGorka and protect us from his violence. He might be MS-13 you know.”

“Seb Gorka has an active warrant out for his arrest in his native Hungary, according to the Hungarian police’s website, BuzzFeed reports.”

“Former Trump adviser Sebastian Gorka was wanted by Hungarian police on gun charges the entire time he was in the White House”

“Hungarian police would like to talk to the Dragon of Budapest”

“BREAKING NEWS: Sebastian Gorka Was a Wanted Man in Hungary—on Gun Charges—the Whole Time He Was a Top Advisor to President Trump (Note: this again raises the question of how he secured a White House role—and renews queries on a Trump-Russia-Hungary nexus.)”

(Hint: No, it doesn’t)

“There was an overseas arrest warrant pending for WH adviser and cable news pundit Gorka for his entire tenure”

As you can see, they smell blood in the water and now they’re trying to go in for the kill. But there’s just one problem; Gorka left the White House months ago, and he was vetted by the people Obama had in place because Trump was in the transition phase.

So if there’s anyone to blame, it’s the Obama administration. But then again, maybe they intentionally let Gorka slide through knowing it would cause the President headaches down the road.

You never know with that crew.

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