Grandpa Turns The Tables On 3 Would-Be Rapists In An Epic Way, Saving His Granddaughter And Wife…


This is why we fight so hard for our right to bear arms…


Three useless thugs chose the wrong house in Lumberton, N.C. because the would be victim was ARMED! What appeared to be an easy target actually turned out to be a HUGE mistake!

The three criminals interrupted an elderly couple and their 19- year-old granddaughter one evening by knocking on the door of the residence and forcing their way way in.

They demanded money and forced the man and his wife to the rear of the home where the man’s safe was located. The man noticed that the thugs were eyeballing the granddaughter and that’s when the Grandfather took action!

He grabbed his firearm and started shooting the thugs!

B. CHRISTOPHER AGEE at Western Journalism reports:

Though he was struck several times and had to be airlifted to the intensive care unit of a hospital as a result, the vigilant homeowner was able to hit each of the intruders – one of whom ultimately died from his injuries.

The three men stole their victim’s vehicle and fled the scene.

When police recovered the gold Cadillac, they found 20-year-old Jamie Lee Faison lying dead inside. His two alleged accomplices made their way to the hospital and were also airlifted to another facility to undergo surgery.

A family member of the injured grandfather posted an update on his condition, explaining that he had made it through surgery but was not yet out of the woods.

She asked for the continued prayers of those who were already wishing him a full recovery.

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