WATCH As Granny Stops COMMIE Scumbag From Stealing Cart Full Of THIS From Store! EPIC! 😂


For every item stolen the prices go up in the retail stores, combine that with Biden’s Inflatable Market and I’m not sure how much more we can handle.

It’s unbelievable how many other patrons there just watched on as this lady made a stand. She even pulls his ski mask off so the camera can video his face. She is one gutsy grand lady.

This lady has probably worked hard for everything she has ever gotten. It’s not hard to spot the people who know the meaning of working for a better life and those who look towards the government for a hand-out.


I’m thankful for people like her and the man filming so we could all celebrate and applaud her deeds. We hope you enjoy the video and hope to hear your thoughts in the comments.

VIDEO FROM TheSaltyCracker

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God Bless.

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