GRAPHIC: Selfie Takes Depravity To New Levels After What’s Seen In Background

GRAPHIC: Selfie Takes Depravity To New Levels After What’s Seen In Background

As I continue to say, depravity seems to know no bounds recently after certain groups of people have become empowered to behave as they wish without any true repercussion, and a selfie posted to the Internet is proof positive of what I mean.

On Thursday, a photo surfaced on Twitter which shows a woman taking a selfie and smiling to the camera, and what’s happening behind her is utterly atrocious. Twitter user @jlconnell66 posted a screen grab from Gorgeouss Kiaa’s account, showing a group of thugs with a man with a gun to his head being forced to perform oral sex on the group of men in an alley. In other words, she captured a rape in progress and took a picture. Depraved enough for you?


The original photo is captioned “They Gotta Gun To They Opp’s Head. Making Him Suck They D**k”

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Update: The tweet has been removed.


At least six men can be seen behind the man with the gun, which is pointed at the kneeling man’s head. One of the men also appears to pose for the picture, sticking up his middle finger and smiling at the camera.

Some were quick to point out that the gun shown has an orange tip on it, suggesting it may be fake. However, for years, gang-banging thugs have painted the tips of their guns orange in an attempt to fool police into believing they’re toys, which is likely why the gun in this picture, which appears to be a small caliber semi-automatic pistol, has an orange tip.


Even if this photo is “staged,” as some have suggested,” the mere fact that this group even thought something like this funny shows their overall mentality. Meanwhile, as things like this happen in certain communities, white people are blamed by many for the issues plaguing them.

GRAPHIC: Selfie Takes Depravity To New Levels After What’s Seen In Background

You know, change can only occur if it comes from within, and that’s what’s being lot in this entire “social justice” conversation. What happened in the past doesn’t give any one group carte blanche to behave how they would like, and if they really wanted to better their lives, they would start right in their own communities, by stopping things like what’s above from happening.

But what do I know anyways, right? According to the left, people like me are blinded by “white privilege,” and have no grounds in which to judge the behavior of anybody, no matter how depraved their actions may be.

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  1. disqus_SFuH2o3nbA says:

    Look what they could have done instead, like the people in Trenton, NJ did:

  2. All blacks are down low. Google ‘boy pussy.’ You might be surprised by what thugs will stick it in.

  3. what a bunch of racist assholes, both writing and buying into this garbage.

  4. James White says:

    They gun they dick they opp they they they. Ignorance. Can’t even say their can them? Them must got no schooling. They got they dick sucked by they opp doe. Fucking stupid.

  5. DON'T TREAD ON ME says:

    Where is the DOJ on this, sitting on their RACIST ASS!

  6. Allan Raymound says:

    Makes me wonder, if Obama had a son would he be standing or kneeling….

  7. The difference is crystal clear.

  8. Steven Thompson says:

    Scumbags charges should be filed against all of them.

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