A Comprehensive Review Of The Beretta 92FS [VIDEO]

The Beretta 92FS is a testament to Italian ingenuity with firearms and has been the weapon of choice for both military and law enforcement for years, and for good reason; it’s a solid, reliable weapon they can count on when it’s needed most.

The Beretta 92FS’s specifications are as follows:

Model: 92FS


Action: DA/SA

Caliber: 9mm

Overall Length: 8.50″

Overall Height: 5.40″


Overall Width: 1.50″

Barrel Length: 4.90″

Sight Radius: 6.10″

Sights: 3-Dot

Capacity: 15 + 1

Weight: 33.30 oz.

The 92FS is a 9mm, semi-automatic pistol that was chosen by the United States Armed Forces to replace the .45cal 1911A1 in 1985. It’s remarkably accurate, handsome, and extremely safe due to the double-single action that allows the hammer to be in a resting position when the first shot is fired, eliminating the need to carry the sidearm in Condition 1 status – hammer back, safety on, round in the chamber.

The first round is fired using the pistol’s double action, then subsequent rounds are fired from single action, increasing the cycling rate and improving accuracy from a shorter trigger pull.

With short recoil and delayed blowback, the 92FS offers faster cycling rates and enhanced reliability to pair with its exceptional accuracy. Beretta went the extra mile and cured the weapon of stove piping issues by going with an open slide design, which also makes it easier to load single shells in the event of a magazine failure.

It comes standard with a chrome-lined 4.9-inch long barrel, offering enhanced corrosion resistance, and the rifling is protected by a recessed combat muzzle crown. Field stripping the 92FS is a breeze, thanks to the slide release lever being easy to operate, and cleaning is even easier with the open slide.

Left-handed shooters can reverse the magazine release, allowing for faster reload times in the event of a firefight. Thanks to the exposed hammer, assessing the weapon’s readiness is fast and easy, and it has the additional bonus of reducing the chance of having a light primer strike as the large hammer increases the energy within the firing pin.

The 92FS has withstood the test of time, with the military putting the gun through scenarios it would never see with an everyday carrier. Its non-reflective black coating, and exclusive of Beretta, allows the firearm to survive extreme exposure to the elements due to its superior anti-corrosion and wear-resistant finish.

To top it all off, Beretta used aircraft aluminum as the frame of the gun, shedding crucial ounces off of the overall weight yet allowing it to retain its strength and rigidity.

According to Beretta USA, the 92FS is capable of firing 17,500 rounds without stoppage. However, in the U.S. Army’s test, it proved to be even more reliable, with the slide withstanding 35,000 rounds and the frame holding up to well over 30,000.

Whether you’re looking for a fun weapon for range day, or a reliable sidearm for protection, the Beretta 92FS is truly a legend in the handgun world, and is the most trusted of all defense handguns throughout history.

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