BREAKING: Gunmen Just Shot 38, 4 Dead So Far – Waiting On Trump To Address The Nation


Ah yes, the south side of Chicago. What a wonderful place to raise a family- that is if you don’t care if your family gets murdered by predominantly black thugs.

The Labor Day weekend has been extremely violent with multiple shootings and murders taking place.

Four men were killed and at least 26 other people were wounded in shootings across Chicago between late Friday and Monday morning of the city’s Labor Day weekend, according to the Chicago Sun Times.


The four deaths were the latest casualties of Chicago’s gun violence that has taken the lives of at least 441 people since the start of the year.

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Statistics show that since the beginning of the year, 441 people have been shot and killed.


2137 people have been shot and wounded.

The total number of people who have been shot is 2578 so far.


There have been a total of 478 homicides so far this year.

Statistics show at least one person is shot every 2 hours, and one person is murdered every 12 hours. These stats are likely to change based upon when readers view the numbers, but those are the statistics at the time of this article being published.

Seven people were killed and at least 25 others were wounded in shootings last weekend.

Frank Lea at Freedom Daily reports that Mayor Rahm’s Chicago, which has lots of anti-gun laws in place, is completely out of control. President Trump needs to address the outrageous amounts of gun violence, disavow Mayor Rahm and his unsuccessful run as mayor, and send the National Guard or other military forces to get the criminals off the street and turn the city around. If Chicago keeps up at this rate, then there may not be much of the city left after criminals run rampant and shoot everyone. It’s not only gun related murders that trifle the city. Not too long ago there was a person kidnapped and tortured by four other people and it was posted on Facebook live. The amount of crime and the level of heinous is overtaking the Windy City and Trump needs to address it.

Perhaps when Trump is done with his second trip to Texas, helping hurricane Harvey victims, then he can address Chicago and help the good residents reclaim their once nice city.

One thing that we’ve noticed is a number of cities that are stricken with high levels of crime and poverty are always controlled by Democrats. There’s a really good reason that poor urban America should stop voting for Democrats, which is the fact that Democrats who run cities keep their poverty level people impoverished so they always have voters.

As AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS reported, President Trump wants to tackle the crime epidemic and violence that Chicago is experiencing, thanks to the failed policies of the democrats.

Now, President is taking action and is sending in the FEDS!

The team is called the ‘Chicago Crime Guns Strike Force.’

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is looking to send 20 more agents to Chicago, just a week after President Donald Trump tweeted he would ‘send in the Feds’ to the city to curb surging gun violence.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s office said he hadn’t been told about the move, but welcomed the extra federal resources he has asked the president for.

“We have received no word from the federal government to confirm these reports, but it would be welcome news if the administration has indeed agreed to one of Mayor Emanuel’s requests for federal resources,” Emanuel’s spokesperson told the press.

n ATF spokesman wouldn’t comment on the deployment specifically, but said they’re definitely trying to help the Windy City.

“ATF is exploring various options as we are committed to furthering law enforcement efforts in Chicago,” the spokesperson added. “One of those options is to send additional agents to Chicago on permanent transfers. ATF is still early in the process of developing strategies and will be prepared to discuss these options further once plans are finalized.”

ATF headquarters in Washington sent out a bulletin to all field offices looking for agents to volunteer for permanent transfer to Chicago.

In the bulletin, they noted there were 4,386 shootings and more than 750 homicides in 2016 alone, which is a 58% increase over 2015. It goes on to say, “ATF is committed to helping Chicago law enforcement partners to prevent and reduce these violent killings and assaults.”

Emanuel said in addition to the ATF agents, he would also like Drug Enforcement and FBI agents to help with the crime that has crippled the city in recent years.

Getting rid of the Democrat mayor will help because Democrat mayors keep the poor people down.

It’s only a matter of time before Trump steps in and forces a military presence in Chicago to curb the crime. In the meantime, Chicago residents need to reevaluate their life, stay in school, and start valuing each other as humans.

(h/t Freedom Daily )

God Bless.

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