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Castle View Elementary School in Riverside was evacuated when an irate black man stormed the school before 11:15 a.m. and got into a confrontation with a teacher.

The irate parent didn’t follow the school district’s safety procedures and check in with the front desk and instead stormed into the office and attacked a staff member, striking the teacher in the face.

A witness told KABC that the teacher’s face was bloodied and his nose was broken. The teacher was treated at a nearby hospital, police said.

The parent then went into a classroom and took a female teacher hostage, police said. The two have been in there ever since.

Children and staff members were safely evacuated from the school and no additional injuries were reported.

The suspect was believed to be carrying a backpack, but it was unknown if he was armed. No weapon was seen, officials and witnesses said.

The teacher being held was identified by her daughter as 70-year-old Linda Montgomery, who has taught at the school for decades.

Linda Montgomery. Courtesy photo

“She loves teaching,” said her daughter, Michelle Montgomery.

The family is worried and just waiting for news, she said.

“Just a little worried and scared and wondering why this is going on,” she said.

Family members of the suspect said he has a daughter in first grade at the school. They say he had some kind of breakdown in the morning and other family members took away his car keys, but he was able to get to the school anyway.

“He had a breakdown, and he relapsed again. That’s all, he’s not dangerous,” said Carl Jackson, who identified himself as the suspect’s uncle. “It’s just a matter of getting in there and talking to him, because we can talk to him. He’ll come out for us if police let us, before anything bad happen to him.”

Jackson described his nephew as “not a bad guy, never been in trouble.”

“He’s a good kid, just having an emotional breakdown. He doesn’t have no access to no weapons,” Jackson said.

A SWAT team and emergency negotiators were on scene trying to make contact with the suspect and convince him to surrender. The barricade situation continued for more than six hours into the late afternoon.

Police said they did observe some smoke coming from the room at one point, but there were no indications of a device or a toxic material and the smoke later dissipated.

“When officers did respond, they noticed some type of smoke coming from the room,” said Officer Ryan Railsback with Riverside police. “They don’t believe it was related to any type of explosive device. We don’t know.”

“It didn’t seem anything toxic that was harming anybody. We don’t know if it was even maybe a fire extinguisher. But it looks like it since dissipated. It didn’t seem to be too much of a concern other than it came from the room they were in.”

Special agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives were called in to assist, according to an ATF tweet.

AMR paramedics in tactical gear were also called to the scene.

The Press-Enterprise has just reported that Riverside police used at least two flash-bang diversionary explosives on Tuesday evening at Castle View Elementary school, where earlier in the day a parent held a teacher hostage.

Paramedics were making their way toward the school.

Television news reports showed a man wheeled away from the scene and into an ambulance.

An officer on scene said the teacher was also transported to the hospital.

This is a developing story. Check back later for further details. 



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