URGENT: What’s Happening In THESE Countries Is Absolutely HORRIFIC, And It WILL Be Coming To America VERY SOON


Do you have any idea how bad the migrant crisis has become? Probably.  

But if you wanted to put a number on it, that would be rather difficult.  


If you wanted to define how it will shape the course of the future, that would almost be impossible.  

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But new data suggests that one thing will be certain: whatever future you imagine and whatever data you use to get there, the future will be a lot less German.  40 percent of children under 5 and living in Germany are not ethnically German but are the product of migrants.  


The German welfare state will not be the only thing to collapse under the the weight of the migrant movement.  The entire German culture will go with it.  (As an aside, the same percent, 40, want Merkel to quit over the refugees!)

In an easy to imagine future, Germans will be dialing up phones and be prompted to “press 1” for Arabic and to “press 2” for German.  


That order is quite deliberate.  There will be more Arab speaking and Turkish “Germans” than there will be ethnic Germans.  

But can something like that happen in America?

You better believe it! In America, there are roughly 61 million migrants living here and that includes illegals! Now, since we’re apparently a nation of perpetual immigrants (despite the fact that this logic defies the limitations of physical space) I won’t get into the an argument about legal immigrants.


But what about illegals?

Their children account for roughly 7.5 percent of all children in this country and thanks to our stupid laws, those children are granted birthright citizenship.  

That’s right! Almost 1 out of every 10 children born here is born to a set of illegal parents and those children are given citizenship.  

They grow up, they think about their mom and dad when they head to the polls, and then they vote for whatever candidate will allow more third world foreigners to come here…because that’s empathetic, or something.

In Germany and in America, there is a deadly disease that is sweeping the nation: childless marriage.  

More and more couples are choosing to have fewer children and many are choosing to have none at all.  

Some may say this is even encouraged by the mainstream media.

These are just facts of life and if we want our descendants to inherit a world that has any semblance of the one we live in today, it has to change. Somehow.

John Miller may or may not be Donald Trump’s former publicist. We’ve given up asking.

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