Harvard Student Says THIS About American Flag, That’s When FOX News Crew LOSES IT [VID]

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Fox News’s Kelly File featured a writer from the Harvard Crimson student newspaper, Rachel Huebner, a psychology major who writes for the site, who shared some “free speech” war stories on campus.

The student told Megyn Kelly about instances on campus in which students’ feelings have been hurt.

Lol. How ridiculous.

One example included a student wanting to know if people around her in class opposed abortion, and, if they did, wanting them seated elsewhere because she was “threatened” by their “offensive” viewpoint,  at IJReview reports.

Huebner writes in an editorial of being accused of violating a “safe space”:

“In a recent conversation with peers, I posed a question about a verse from the Bible. A Harvard employee in the room immediately interjected, informing me that we were in a safe space and I was thus not permitted to discuss the controversial biblical passage.”

Huebner spoke of another “offensive” incident where her friend, a freshman got to his dorm room and pulled an American flag out of his suitcase. He went to hang it up and his room mate stopped him saying that “the presence of the flag on the wall was a political statement that HE was unwilling to make.”


That’s when Megyn and her crew started laughing at the absurdity of this obviously liberal moron.

Huebner has called for re-balancing campus speech from one based on hurt feelings to one based on open expression:

“Open discourse is stifled. There’s a lack of freedom of expression from students, from administrators and this is occurring at Harvard and campuses nationwide.”

As Huebner lamented, she looked forward to trading in the ‘marketplace of ideas’ but then found out it doesn’t exist on campus.

This is what this country has become. Liberalism is out of control and these college campuses are infested with these little babies.

Simply unbelievable…

God Bless.


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