If North Korea launches an intercontinental ballistic missile or nuclear attack on Hawaii they are NOT prepared at all. 

The liberals in Kailua, a beach community on the Hawaiian island of Oahu, have everything that residents and visitors could want from a tropical paradise: exquisite beaches, crystal clear water and modern amenities. No wonder it now boasts nearly 55,000 residents and thousands of yearly tourists, including the Obamas.


But, they only have enough nuclear fallout shelters to accommodate 235 people!

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But hey- Aloha, right?


 at Fox News reports that the state’s emergency fallout shelter plan, not updated since the Cold War, includes a Salvation Army store, categorized as a “safe zone.”

Lol- a safe zone. How liberal.


That plan is not exactly common knowledge. One of the store managers didn’t even realize the building is on the 1985 fallout shelter list and said the so-called safe area in the basement is packed with donated items.

Damn, what a mess. 

The fallout shelter at Territorial Savings Bank, in the middle of Kailua, holds just 35 people.

A third shelter is in a cave in a mountainside accessed only through a private driveway, the entrance to which has a sign that reads “No Trespassing.” This pattern of underwhelming shelter space for Hawaii’s 1.4 million people characterizes all the state’s islands.

“There is a need for state leaders to take this threat seriously. A lot has changed since the 1980s, when the emergency management plan was put in place,” Rep. Tulsi Gabbard, D-Hawaii, told Fox News. “With the threat today, it’s likely we would have just minutes of warning of an imminent attack. Going to a shelter may or may not be feasible.”

No Tulsi- it is obviously not feasible. A first grader can do the math. Christ, what in the hell are you liberals doing over there besides getting drunk and smoking Maui Wowie? 

Unbelievable. You folks better wake up out of your stupor and get with it.

State lawmakers, civil defense and military leaders acknowledge there is a great deal of work to do to keep Hawaii residents and visitors safe.

Gee, ya think?

“During the Cold War days, there were multiple days to warn people to hunker down into fallout shelters, whereas today, you have minutes,” Major Gen. Arthur “Joe” Logan, the state’s adjutant general, director of the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency and director of the Office of Homeland Security. “Your reaction has got to be taking care of yourself and those around you. You are now that first responder.”

We now know that North Korea possesses, or could soon have, the capability to launch intercontinental ballistic missiles or nuclear warheads at Hawaii. 

“The fact that they may have the capability makes them a threat to Americans,” Denny Roy, an Asian-Pacific security expert at the East-West Center, said. “For decades we’ve known there is this very unsavory, seemingly hostile, character breathing out threats against Americans that were clearly bluffs. But once he has that capability, it is no longer a bluff.”

“One of the reasons we need the fallout shelters is not just to have a place to go to survive, but a place to go to be found and rescued,” said Rep. Matt LoPresti, a Democrat who is vice chair of the House Public Safety Committee and whose district in West Oahu is among the many in the state with no designated shelters.


People in Hawaii must prepare for tsunamis, hurricanes and even earthquakes that threaten the islands. The first thing that happens in lieu of a disaster is gas stations are depleted of gasoline and propane, and stores run out of bottled water, batteries, toilet paper, spam, rice, fresh produce and emergency generators.

“Each family has to have a plan for their own safety until the cavalry arrives and should always have supplies at hand,” LoPresti said.

There are other considerations, such as lack of hospital beds, an alternative harbor to offload food since there is just a four-day food supply and what to do with Hawaii’s booming homeless population.

“Emergency preparation is so much more important for an island state,” LoPresti said.



God Bless. Source- AFF

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