Hawaiian University Recruits Teens To ABORT Babies For Research… This Is Insane

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Hawaiian researchers are recruiting young girls to join an experiment of second trimester abortions.

The second trimester the baby is 3-6 months gestation. This insanity is mind blowing to say the least and is definitely sickening.

Human life begins at conception.

Sure, that human is small, and definitely doesn’t look like an adult, but that is exactly what a human looks like at that stage.

It’s wrong to kill the innocent, no matter the stage of development. Abortion kills a living human being.

Christian Headlines reports:

Second trimester abortions are dangerous for women in many cases.

The abortion procedure is two-days and involves stopping the baby’s heart and then delivering or dismembering the baby.

Women have a 50 percent or higher chance for physical complications when undergoing a second trimester abortion.

Comparatively, the chance for physical complications is about 6 percent for first trimester abortions, according to Life News.

The University of Hawaii and the University of Washington in Seattle are conducting the study. It is expected to be complete by July.

“That is 166 mothers who are going to hurt by the devastating effects of abortion. That is at least 166 children who will suffer a horrendous and painful death in the name of research,” an article by Life News said.

Some scientific reports say that babies can feel pain at 20 weeks gestation.

“The University of Hawaii needs to stop this study immediately,” Kristan Hawkins writes in an article for Life News. “They are recruiting children to abort their own children in late-term abortions, a very risky procedure that ends the life of at least one person involved.”

I am amazed by people’s ignorance.

By no means necessary should abortion be acceptable.

A child does not ask to be born or can they choose their parents.

I am not closed-minded or uneducated for that matter- however, I can see both sides of the issue, but rarely do people die from giving birth.

Many more die as a result of complications after an abortion.

But the bottom line is that the child is innocent of any crime, so why punish it?


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