BREAKING: Head Of DHS CONFIRMS President Trump WIRETAPPED By Obama- People Are Going To PRISON

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VINDICATED! Media outlets widely reported Trump’s claim that he was wiretapped while in Trump Tower as “false.” Turns out the chickens are coming home to roost for the lying mainstream media and for the Obama administration alike.  

Last Saturday Trump claimed that his wires were tapped in his morning Twitter tweet storm which has become a staple of his governance. CNN, NBC, and numerous other networks were not happy with the claim and immediately pounced on the fact that he offered “no proof.”  Now, Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly is coming forward to announce that Trump did have evidence that he was being watched by the outgoing Obama.

 Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly says President Trump possesses credible evidence that former President Barack Obama ordered the wiretapping of Trump Tower in New York City last year.

While speaking to Wolf Blitzer Kelly said: “The President of the United States said that, he’s got his reasons to say it.  He’s got some convincing evidence that that took place.”

Well there you have it folks. We won’t know exactly the extent of this rabbit hole until the dust settles but we do know that there’s more to this now. The frantic denials are just outing members of the media as accessories to the cover-up.

Last we discussed the story more in depth:

In a series of Tweets this morning the Commander-in-chief made very strong accusations about the behavior of the Obama Administration.  From what was said so far by President Trump, it would seem that he has reason to believe that his residence in Trump Tower was wiretapped in some capacity.  If this is true, we’re in bigger trouble than we imagined.  An act like the sitting president is describing is almost unprecedented.  The closest comparison would be to President Nixon’s Watergate scandal, however, Nixon was only directly involved in the cover-up.  

Then later, again, we learned something worse. Jeff Sessions was also tapped:

Speaking to Judge Jeanine, Cory Lewandowski had this to say: “They did spend time listening to conversations between then-Senator Jeff Sessions and the ambassador to Russia while he was in his Senate office. If that were to take place — which supposedly did take place — what other conversations did they listen in on from the American public?”

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