BREAKING: Head Of DNC, Tom Perez, Just Got HORRIBLE News


The Democrat party is a complete mess. 

Their new Democratic National Committee Chairman, Tom Perez is nothing less than a total scumbag. He spews cuss-words in front of little children and is obviously completely unhinged.


This whacko has demanded that every Democrat be PRO-CHOICE. Period. No exceptions.

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Well, that is insane. And he’s getting hammered by Republicans and Democrats alike.


Even House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is pissed off! LMAO!

Pelosi was asked a Democratic politician could be pro-life on NBC’s “Meet The Press” where she responded saying, “Of course. I have served many years in Congress with members who have not shared my very positive – my family would say aggressive – position on promoting a woman’s right to choose.”


Then she quipped- “Why don’t you interview Tom Perez?”

 at Fox News reports that the controversy originated after a DNC “Unity Tour” stop last week in Nebraska, where DNC Deputy Chairman Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., appeared with a former state senator who had once supported a bill requiring an abortion-seeking woman to “be told of her right to request a list of places she can get a free ultrasound.” The ex-senator, Heath Mello, is now an Omaha mayoral candidate.

The eight-year-old-bill didn’t require the woman to get an ultrasound; however, NARAL Pro-Choice America President Ilyse Hogue blasted the embattled DNC for straying from the pro-choice agenda.

“The actions today by the DNC to embrace and support a candidate for office who will strip women – one of the most critical constituencies for the party – of our basic rights and freedom is not only disappointing, it is politically stupid,” Hogue said in a statement.

Sanders, an independent who caucuses with Democrats and ran in the Democratic presidential primary, responded by saying intraparty differences on abortion were natural. Sanders contended that a candidate in a Southern state couldn’t be expected to have identical views as a candidate in a liberal, coastal state.

Perez, however, was having none of Sanders’ pragmatism, instead firmly lashing his party to the pro-choice position.

“Every Democrat, like every American, should support a woman’s right to make her own choices about her body and her health,” Perez said in a statement on Friday. “That is not negotiable and should not change city by city or state by state.”

Is that right HITLER? This dude has completely lost his mind. He’s a total scumbag.


Again, this dude is a freak show.

But, what do you expect? He’s a progressive pile of liberal trash.

What a freaking mess.

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God Bless.

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