BOMBSHELL: Heads Set To ROLL After SECOND Russian DOSSIER Discovered… LOOK Who Funded It!


Democrats have gone apoplectic over the fact that House Republicans voted to allow the public to see the FISA memo that led to the government spying on President Trump’s campaign, and we now know at least part of the reason.

The entire “collusion” narrative was based on a dossier created by shady former British Spy Christopher Steele, who used Kremlin sources to create the file. Steele was paid by Fusion GPS, who was paid by Hillary Clinton and the DNC.


This is common knowledge. However, what isn’t common knowledge and was just reported this morning is that there’s a second dossier in existence – a dossier written by a shady Democratic operative named Cody Shearer. Shearer is a former journalist and he also is known as a Clinton “hatchet man.”

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According to the Guardian, the FBI is in possession of the Shearer dossier and they’re reviewing its contents. It’s also known that his dossier seems to have many of the same allegations as the one written by Steele, ostensibly to be used as “corroboration” for the original dossier, as the Guardian suggests.


It raises the possibility that parts of the Steele dossier, which has been derided by Trump’s supporters, may have been corroborated by Shearer’s research, or could still be.

Keep in mind that thus far, there hasn’t been anything within  the Steele dossier that’s been proven; however, if there were to have been two separate dossiers both making similar claims, their credibility would increase exponentially.


Thankfully, the second dossier never made it into the public’s view, but you know who does have it? The FBI, and they’re taking a serious look into it, who funded it, and who Shearer’s sources were.

That’s’ not a good thing for the swamp rats who tried taking down Trump.

More on Shearer from the Guardian:

Shearer is a controversial figure in Washington. Conservative outlets have accused him of being part of a “hatchet man” and member of a “secret spy ring” and within Clinton’s orbit. There is no evidence that the Clinton campaign was aware of the Shearer memo.

But other people who know Shearer say he is not just a Democratic party hack and there is no evidence that his memo was ever sought by Clinton campaign officials.

Sources say that while he lacks the precision and polish of a seasoned former spy like Steele, Shearer has also been described as having a large network of sources around the world and the independent financial means to pursue leads.

In other words, he’s not the most trustworthy guy on the planet, and his dossier was either a contingency plan or a means to corroborate the lies in the dossier created by Steele. But either way, this doesn’t look good for the Democrats.

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