You know the old saying-Never bring a knife to a MOSH-PIT! For those of you unfamiliar with ‘moshing’, it’s a form of dancing that originated during the punk rock era in the ’70’s. It is also referred to as ‘slam dancing’.

The Daily News reports:

Moshers came to the aid of their own at a death metal concert in California when a knife-wielding man allegedly slashed another’s throat.

The suspect found beaten bloody outside a La Habra dive bar allegedly pulled a pocket knife on a man for pushing his girlfriend in the mosh pit.

“Obviously, that type of dancing lends itself to aggressive behavior,” La Habra police Sgt. Ron Hurst told the Orange County Register.

Cops found Adam Merrill, 30, unconscious in an alley outside La Habra 300 Bowl late Wednesday night where fans of heavy metal band Cattle Decapitation left him after a violent encounter.

It’s believed Merrill was dragged outside and wrestled to the ground for slashing the 26-year-old man’s neck with a pocket knife, the Register reported.

Merrill was hit so hard he was knocked unconscious. He was arrested after being treated at the hospital.

It’s believed Merrill was dragged outside and wrestled to the ground for slashing the 26-year-old man’s neck with a pocket knife, the Register reported.

“Blood gushed out of his neck like a water hose,” witness Abraham Rangel told Vice.

The stabbing cut the concert show short when one of the venue’s staff members interrupted lead singer Travis Ryan on stage during the middle of a song.

Ryan appeared shocked at hearing of the crime that had just happened amid the crowd before him.

The man — who staff at La Habra 300 Bowl declined to identity to the Daily News — asked the audience to peacefully leave as police investigated the knifing that just unfolded.

“Do not go out that door, it’s a crime scene,” he said.

Photos of the concert venue after the stabbing show large pools of blood staining the floor.

“Yeah, s–t got crazy last night at our La Habra gig,” a member of the band wrote on Facebook regarding the assault. “We hope everyone involved is OK.”

Merrill was arrested on assault charges after being released from the hospital for his injuries. The victim survived the attack.

Yeah, I admit I played in several punk bands and was a drummer in which the caliber of my drumming was way above par for what it takes to play punk rock.

I had a good time and an glad I never got stabbed, that’s for sure.

Crazy times.


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