HELL YEAH! Handheld FLAMETHROWER Is About To Hit the Market! [VIDEO]



Okay this looks like a whole lot of fun! Check it out. Would you like to own a handheld flamethrower? I definitely would!

This baby is called the XM42 and is set to hit the market soon. It’s legal in 49 states but not in California! How much is it? Reportedly it will cost a measly $699! What a steal! And NO background check is required!


Controversial Times reports:

The device can fire flames 20-25 feet from the end of the nozzle and it is fueled by a small onboard gas tank that utilizes standard 87 octane gasoline.

The company behind the invention, Ion Productions, will be running a crowd-sourcing campaign through IndieGoGo where interested parties can pre-order the product in order to fund its production.


Ion says they will be launching the campaign on Monday, March 23rd and you can follow their Facebook page or visit their website for more details on how you can get one.


Check out the video!

XM42: The Handheld Flamethrower!

YouTube video via The Ion Productions Team

How amazing was that? Let’s see long long it takes for Obama and the libs to try and ban it!

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