HELL YEAH! Illegal Alien Gets A HUGE Lesson Why You Don’t Mess With Texans…



An angry illegal alien got taught a huge lesson about life when he threw a violent temper tantrum and attacked an armed American outside of a storage unit business in the great state of TEXAS! Hell yeah!

32-year-old Aguilar Ventura, an illegal alien and career criminal was taught a lasting lesson in humility, Texas style baby!



From Extremely Pissed Off RIGHT Wingers 2

TheBlaze reports:

The alleged assault took place outside of a storage unit business in Center, Texas. During the attack, the would-be victim, Lonnie Lawrence, 59, was able to pull his firearm and fire off one round, hitting the suspect, identified as 32-year-old Aguilar Ventura, in the leg.

Lawrence reportedly held the suspect at gunpoint until police arrived on the scene. It was later revealed that Lawrence, an illegal immigrant, is well-known by local authorities.

“Ventura is known by local law enforcement to be violent and is facing charges of assault and terroristic threat,” Detective Stephen Stroud said in a press release.

While the investigation into the incident is going, Stroud also said that “all the information and evidence they have points to a clear case of self-defense,” KTRE-TV reported.

Now let’s hope this scumbag gets deported back to his cesspool.

This has to stop! Illegal aliens are a huge problem that we don’t need to deal with- they need to be stopped from entering our country before they enter. If you agree then spread this like wildfire!


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