HELL YEAH! Students Trade In Their Notebooks For Rifles At The Gun Range! (Video!)


THIS is what America is all about…


AVONDALE – Craver Middle School students traded in their pencils and notebooks in the classroom for a some good time at the gun range as part of a week-long course about the Revolutionary War! You have to LOVE IT!

Instructors say the gun-safety class is about showing the 6th, 7th and 8th graders how important marksmanship was to winning the war against the most powerful army. Thirty lucky students were allowed to participate at the Avondale Clay and Gun Club, and they were able to shoot down “redcoat” targets with the Revolutionary type  rifles.

Volunteers and Revolutionary War re-enactors are teaching the course, which is one of nine different options at Craver. The instructors brought real guns into the classroom Monday and Tuesday before heading to the range to show how things were done in the 1700’s!

KOAA 5 reports:

“They showed us the Revolutionary War and how we fought to be Americans,” says Riley Prichard, 13. “It was pretty cool.”
“We’ve learned about the guns they used back in the Revolutionary War,” adds Shelby Plattner, 12. “They came out and shot some of the guns and shot some of the muskets when we were out on the field.”

Only about half of the Craver students who signed up were able to participate. Some parents have expressed concern, but those at the range Wednesday say there is nothing wrong with teaching kids the proper way to shoot. Appleseed volunteer Elizabeth Blackwood says, “I see people who are very eager to teach children sexual education at a very young age, and yet they’re reticent to teach them about a tool that is part of our culture. The more they know, the safer they’ll be.”

Many of the kids have rifles of their own and go hunting with their parents, who were on hand to supervise Wednesday. They say the class is about responsibility.

Alan Plattner, Shelby’s father, says, “Guns are one of those things where some people shy away from them. They never learn about them and they fear them. I don’t think the guns are anything to fear. I think what you need to do is be educated about them and then make a good choice.”

“You want them to see what a real firearm looks like,” says Blackwood. “We answer a lot of questions, and a lot of these children have firearms at home and they need to know how to make them safe or they need to know if they see one, it’s a real firearm, to go get an adult.”

This is completely AWESOME! We report on Muslims taking over our schools, our flag being taken down on campuses and so much more that this is so refreshing to see! Good job CRAVER MIDDLE SCHOOL! 

Here is the video report!


KOAA.com | Continuous News | Colorado Springs and Pueblo

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