HELL YEAH! Tennessee Patriots Greet Hussein Obama Waving Confederate Flags…



You’re gonna LOVE this one! Barack Hussein Obama was greeted with the Confederate Flag by Tennessee residents as his motorcade drove through the city.

You KNOW Obama was cussing like hell when he saw all those flags being waved in his face! LMAO!

The Sun Times reports:

Obama was at the Stratton Elementary School in Madison to deliver a speech on his health care law, and several people lined the street, waving Confederate flags.

Some also were holding the flag along Obama’s motorcade route as he returned to the airport after his speech, according to The Hill.

Obama, along with a number of other political leaders, have called for the flag to be removed from government grounds in the South.

However, supporters of the flag are holding their ground.

Rick Martin, one of those waving the flags of the Confederacy, told The Tennessean that the flag has nothing to do with racism.

“Black people and white people fought under this flag,” he said.

AWESOME! Good job Tennessee!!! God Bless. Dean James III% AMERICA’S FREEDOM FIGHTERS

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