HELL YEAH! This Judge Just Smacked Down Atheists Trying To Ban “Under God”…



State Superior Court Judge David F. Bauman ruled that hearing the Pledge of Allegiance at school every day including the words ‘UNDER GOD’ doesn’t violate the constitutional rights of atheist students! Good for the Judge!

An atheist student filed a lawsuit last year against the Matawan-Aberdeen school district in Monmouth County, New Jersey arguing that the phrase ‘UNDER GOD’ caused discrimination in the classroom because it mentions religion and made the atheists feel like ‘second-class citizens.’

Well, take a hike scumbags- how do you think we feel when you put our Lord Jesus in a bottle of urine you liberal GARBAGE? 

The student and his crappy parents who aren’t identified in the court papers filed the suit along with the American Humanist Association, a national group of atheists that teaches social responsibility.

RESPONSIBILITY? LMAO! This d-bag needs to be studying and learning about our great nation that this idiot is fortunate to live in! LIBERALS are GARBAGE!

Then of course the overpaid,money grabbing attorneys chimed in with the argument supporting Muslims and their so-called rights. I say GTFO if you don’t like it here. We don’t believe in the pedophile you desert scumbags! Go back to your camels and goats!


The Judge did say that the anti Americans can skip the pledge which in my opinion could lead to some problems with patriots that may get offended by some a hole scrubbing his feet to worship Allah or kneeling on the ground with their face in the dirt while others are saying the PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE to our great country.

Quoting George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Dwight D. Eisenhower and the New Jersey Constitution, Bauman said the United States has for centuries woven small aspects of religion and references to God into its customs and traditions not as an endorsement of any faith, but as an acknowledgement of the role religion played in the country’s founding.

“As a matter of historical tradition, the words ‘under God’ can no more be expunged from the national consciousness than the words ‘In God We Trust’ from every coin in the land, than the words ‘so help me God’ from every presidential oath since 1789, or than the prayer that has opened every congressional session of legislative business since 1787,” Bauman wrote in his decision.

“The pledge of allegiance, in this historical context, is not to be viewed, and has never been viewed, as a religious exercise,” Bauman wrote. Instead, the judge said, it was meant to promote the “core values of duty, honor, pride and fidelity to country on which the social contract between the United States and its citizens is ultimately based.”

The daily PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE is a core part of American society. This is what we do and we WANT our children to start their day off with respect for our country. It’s called PATRIOTISM!

Never the less, the scumbags on the left will continue to attack our country with their sick ideals and all we can do is to FIGHT THEM TOOTH AND NAIL! And THAT my good friends, is exactly what AMERICAS FREEDOM FIGHTERS will continue to do! GOD BLESS AMERICA! 



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