BREAKING: HERE WE GO- Black Thug With Warrant Fatally Shot By Police- BLM Looting, Rioting, And Burning- Watch The Video For Yourself


Tis the season to loot and riot fa la la la la la la la la la.

Our nation is already in crisis over racial propaganda being pushed by the mainstream media and “defund the police” movements.


Now it appears anytime their is any interaction between law enforcement and people of all color, the people have become sick and tired of law enforcement overreach as well as law enforcement tactics that have become extreme.

A Sunday afternoon traffic stop in Minnesota turned into a deadly officer-involved shooting and a car accident, Fox News reports.

Brooklyn Center Police said in a news release that the stop for a traffic violation was initiated on the 6300 block of North Orchard Avenue shortly before 2 p.m.

Brooklyn Center is about 10 miles from Minneapolis, where tensions are high during the murder trial of former officer Derek Chauvin in the death of George Floyd.


Our nation does have a law enforcement problem and it is not just everyone but “white people”, the truth is, it is everyone.

Not every police officer is bad just as not every person they come into contact with is bad.  The problem is, our nation has evolved into a serious anti-police mentality.

Yes, there is a percentage of law enforcement and federal agencies that are extreme, overreaching with their tactics as well as placing themselves above the people they are supposed to be serving and protecting.

Authorities said that the driver of the vehicle had an outstanding warrant.

As officers attempted to take the individual into custody, the driver re-entered the vehicle. An officer then discharged their firearm, striking the driver.

The vehicle traveled for several blocks before striking another vehicle. Responding officers and emergency personnel performed live saving measures, but the driver was later pronounced dead on scene.

The Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office plans to release the individual’s name following a preliminary autopsy and family notification. However, according to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, relatives have identified the individual as 20-year-old Black man Daunte Wright.

With the little actual information and details being released to the public, it is difficult and unconstitutional to pass judgment and start storming the police departments.  That should never be the solution, it is difficult to figure out how to solve the issues between the public and law enforcement.

Some say that a person must simply do whatever the police tell you to do and don’t break the law and then you will be fine.  That in itself is wrong, yes, we should absolutely obey the law, but that does not mean that when your rights have been violated that a person should do as they are told.

See the problem? Because if you do understand your rights and know they are being violated and attempt to discuss your rights instead of doing what your told, then you are “breaking the law” and it can quickly turn into a intense situation where the person is then taken down by force.

Now in this instance, what we have been told is that a traffic violation happened, a police unit then pulled the vehicle over, ran the plates and I.D., which came back with the individual having an outstanding warrant. Then the individual attempted to get back into the vehicle and officers responded by firing on the individual.

A female passenger in the vehicle was also hurt but is expected to be okay and has been transported to North Memorial Hospital in Robbinsdale. People inside the vehicle struck during the crash were not injured, according to police. 

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Brooklyn Center police added that they believe responding officers’ body cameras and dashboard cameras were activated during the incident. 

Fox 9’s Mitti Hicks reported that a crowd had gathered at the scene demanding answers, resulting in a heavier police presence with officers carrying crowd control devices.  

The incident quickly turned into a protest as angry residents started showing up demanding answers which turned into a stand-off between officers in riot gear and a crowd of over 500 residents.

As reported by the Minnesota Tribune:  Protesters later walked to the Brooklyn Center police headquarters near N. 67th Avenue and N. Humboldt Avenue and were locked in a standoff with police in riot gear late Sunday night. Officers repeatedly ordered the crowd of about 500 to disperse as protesters chanted Wright’s name and climbed atop the police headquarters sign, by then covered in graffiti. Police used tear gas, flash bangs and rubber bullets on the crowd.

National Guard troops arrived just before midnight as looters targeted the Brooklyn Center Walmart and nearby shopping mall. Several businesses around the Walmart were completely destroyed, including Foot Locker, T Mobile, and a New York men’s clothing store.

Looting was widespread late Sunday into early Monday, spilling into north and south Minneapolis. Reports said that stores in Uptown and along Lake Street were also being looted.

Our nation desperately needs a leader who can begin to heal the racial divide, the extreme mistrust of law enforcement as well as find actual solutions to achieve peace and unity.



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God Bless.

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