Here’s How Many Wives A Muslim Can Have On Welfare In Michigan… (Video)



Dearborn, Michigan is literally a hotbed for Shariah Law and Muslim activities. Muslims have taken over the city and it has become known as “Dearbornistan” due to the overwhelming Muslim population there.

Sharia or sharia law is the Islamic legal system derived from the religious precepts of Islam, particularly the Quran and the Hadith. The Muslims believe that women are ‘property’ and permits their ‘owners’ to abuse and beat them. The law also allows these Jihads to own several wives.


Even though polygamy is illegal in the United States, Muslims in Dearborn are able to claim up to 4 wives as dependents when they are collecting their welfare checks. The Muslims list their multiple wives as ‘extended family’ on their welfare applications thus receiving a lot more benefits. Unbelievable!

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And guess who foots the bill for this? You guessed it- the AMERICAN TAXPAYER! That’s right folks!


Muslims are coming to the United States in record numbers thanks to Obama. And we all know that Obama LOVES having people on welfare so we can all expect to pay more and more of our hard earned money. The costs related to Obama’s illegal alien invasion are staggering as well.


Conservative Tribune adds:

This cannot be tolerated.  Muslims who partake of America’s generous public assistance programs should be held to the same standards as every other American.  That means multiple wives can’t be claimed, nor should food banks be required to provide special “halal” food for Muslims, as Muslims in Minnesota are demanding.

Unfortunately, this absurdity will probably continue, at least as long as the Obama administration is in power.  There are few doubts anymore about where Obama’s sympathies lie, and they don’t lie with the American people.  One need look no further than the fact that the Muslim Brotherhood has been welcomed into all levels of government by the Obama administration to see who Obama’s top priority is.

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