Hero Saves Blind Kid From Getting Beaten Up By Bully… Here’s How He Got Rewarded [WATCH]

By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

A viral video has led to outrage when a high-school student stepped in and saved a blind kid from being beaten by a bully and the student being called a “hero” was rewarded by Huntington Beach High School in California by kicking him off the football team because of their “zero tolerance” policy.

The man being referred to as a hero is “Cody,” who saw a blind student being “slapped around and punched” according to CBS Los Angeles, stepped in and knocked the bully out with one punch, went to see if the blind student was ok, then had some choice words for the bully, reported by The Daily Mail:

He leaves the boy lying bleeding on the ground while he checks on the visually impaired victim, before turning back to the attacker and asking him: ‘You trying to jump a f***ing blind kid, bro? What the f*** is your problem?’ 

Via the Daily Mail:

The 30-second video ends with a warning the bully: ‘I swear to God, if you f— with this kid again, I will f*** you up.’ It has now been viewed nearly 480,000 times on YouTube, where viewers left comments praising the teen.

YouTube has removed the original video with nearly 500,000 hits, first shown on the CBS Los Angeles article but now now gives a message that states “This video has been removed because its content violated YouTube’s Terms of Service.” (Screen shot below)


While dozens of others are uploading it back on to YouTube, we are embedding the Daily Mail video below, in case YouTube removes the others as well, which they actually did! 


Cody is receiving tremendous support from those aware of the situation as the examples below show from the comment section of the petition, originally highlighted by The Daily Mail:

Jeff Smith wrote: ‘Great job! Our future is in good hands because of young men such as yourself, Don’t sacrifice your morals for something as petty as football. If they don’t allow you back on the team it will be their loss. Leaders continue to lead even when nobody is looking.’

Another commenter said: ‘The hero did the right thing. Don’t punish a kid for doing the right thing!!!!’

Mike Hallen said: ‘The day you punish people who protect the helpless is the day you’ve lost humanity. Don’t be STUPID!’ 


Dawn Wentland called on the school to reconsider and treat the junior like the ‘hero he is’.

‘I don’t care what the policy says. Its self defense via a bystander. To beat a blind kid and get to play the victim card. Cost another kid his education. That boy is a hero. Treat him like one.

The police arrested the bully but later released him to his parents. Huntington Beach Police issued a statement:

They wrote in a statement, “The victim and suspect know each other and have a history of not getting along. Yesterday the victim walked past the suspect and they got into an argument. At that time, the suspect punched the victim several times and that is when the third student intervened and struck the suspect to prevent any further attack on the victim.

The suspect “has been arrested for misdemeanor battery and released back to his parents.” Police added, “we do not anticipate any arrest being made on the victim or the 3rd intervening student.”

The petition set up titled “Get Cody Pine back in school after defending a blind classmate against a bully!,” already has over 25,000 signatures.

The petition states:

Cody stepped in when he saw his friend and fellow classmate who is visually diabled being physically bullied. (Punched multiple times in face/head) Cody comes and steps in, punches the bully one time to get him away, guides his friend to a safe location and talks to the bully about how he was beating up a blind kid and how it was wrong. There is Youtube video of the main part of the confrontation. 

We believe Cody should be back in school where he belongs. While violence is never the best option what Cody did to defend his friend and classmate was justified. And schools “zero-tolerance” policies out even the person saving disabled friends.


Address1905 Main St, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

AFF and ANP encourage our readers to contact the school and let them know, respectfully, your opinion on their action of suspending and kicking Cody off the football team for nothing more than protecting a disabled student from a bully!

 A special thanks to our great friends at All News Pipeline. 



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