This is absolutely absurd- these people need to get a fricking life…


The Atlanta Blackstar is back again with one of its utterly insane lists of things that are racist. Today’s installment is: 11 Popular World Monuments You Probably Didn’t Know Were Racist. Most of the monuments are simply historical sites related to slavery, indicating that during Black History Month ABS would like to see black history obliterated, but there are two statues on the list that make this thing too funny for words: The Statue of Liberty and The Rocky statue in Philadelphia.

You say you didn’t know one of the biggest symbols of America was racist? Here’s why ABS has a problem with the Statue of Liberty:

After the dedication of the Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island in 1886 — an occasion originally deemed a symbol of freedom — the Black media began to debunk the feel-good notions of the edifice because racism and discrimination toward African-Americans did not end after the Civil War or with the dedication of the statue. In essence, the statue only meant freedom for whites. On top of that, the original Statue of Liberty was a Black woman, according to urbanintelligence.com. But some speculate she was changed because racism was at full scale for another century. So the intended symbol of Lady Liberty actually represented more pain and injustice for Black people.

The first thing you will probably notice is that the author did not prove any racism surrounding the statue. Under this reasoning, everything built before the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 is a monument to racism. My house was built in 1939 so I guess I live in a den of bigotry.

As for the claim that Lady Liberty was originally black: completely untrue. Here’s a link to theNational Park Service, which explains it all. The short version is, the monument’s designer had planned to erect a statue in Egypt. He based the Statue of Liberty on that design, but in no way did he ever plan to put a statue of a black woman in New York.

That’s pretty bad, but you’ll be blown away by the “racism” of the Rocky statue in Philadelphia:

The 8-foot-6 bronze statue of actor Sylvester Stallone, as Philadelphia’s favorite fictional fighter Rocky Balboa in boxing shorts and gloves, at the Art Museum makes Sam Evans cringe. A longtime civic leader and champion of African-American causes, Evans would banish the statue if he had his way. “For what it represents, it has no place in America,” Evans said. “I think a statue should be erected to people who have achieved something. Like (one-time heavyweight boxing champions) Joe Louis or Jack Johnson.” Evans called the statue “racist” and said if it remains in the city, young people will look at it and “grow up thinking that the heavyweight champion was a white man.” “Such things have a great impact on your mind when you’re young,” Evans said.

So a statue of a fictitious boxer is racist because some other real boxers were black? It’s hard to argue with that logic, but I’ll try. The Rocky statue was used in a film, part of series that were filmed in Philadelphia. The character of Rocky is important to the residents of the city and part of their identity and history. That is why the statue remains. 


Good Lord give me a fricking break! Is everything imaginable fricking racist? I swear I am so sick of these damned idiots dragging out the race-card- NEWSFLASH you morons- YOU HAVE A HUGE CHIP ON YOUR SHOULDERS AND IF YOU CAN’T MAKE ANYTHING OF YOUR LIVES IT’S YOUR OWN DAMN FAULT!  AND BTW- IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT HERE GTFO! OVER AND OUT… 


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