Is Hillary Running For President Again In 2020? Check This Out

Is Hillary Going To Run Again In 2020? Clinton Endorses ‘Safe Space’ Website For Supporters That Turns Into The Laughingstock Of The Internet

By Susan Duclos – All News PipeLine

It appears that the Clinton campaign’s  “digital” guru, Peter Daou, has decided that Hillary supporters need an online “sanctuary,” billed as “Media for the 65.8 million,” where Clinton supporters can create virtual cards with quotes on them and even add an image if they so choose, much like the highly popular “memes”. The website’s name is “Verrit” which claims that it “collects and contextualizes noteworthy facts, stats, and quotes for politically engaged citizens. Each “verrit” is a verified item of information marked with a 7-digit identification code.”



Hillary Clinton herself has endorsed this site, which states on the page she linked to while endorsing it via Twitter, that it is for the 65.8 million people that voted for her, and its “purpose is to become their trusted source of political information and analysis; to provide them (and anyone like-minded) sanctuary in a chaotic media environment….”

On that page, Daou highlights a couple his own questions via Twitter, offering an explanation of why he created this website, saying “I can name thousands of people I connect with on Twitter who are #StillWithHer. Where is THEIR big media profile? Have they EVER had one?”

Let me answer that before detailing how the website is being panned by liberal media and conservative alike, as well as the “problems” the site has already experienced and how those that did not vote for Clinton have basically turned the site into the laughingstock of the Internet already.


Yes Clinton supporters have had a “media profile,” and it is called the mainstream media, the same media that did everything in their power to influence voters before the election… and failed. The same media that publicly admitted they were “promoting” her even before she announced she was running for president.

Remember this?


Most would expect conservative leaning media outlets and Independent Media sites that fought against Clinton becoming president would generally pan this type of propaganda website that uses the #StillWithHer as their rallying call, apparently not understanding the election is over and Hillary Clinton lost the electoral college decisively, which  despite their constant claim of Hillary won the popular vote, when frankly, that means nothing since America has always used the electoral college as its voting system.

What is surprising though is how the liberal media and blogs have reacted to this website, with outlets such as Washington Post declaring in their headline “Verrit, the pro-Clinton ‘media platform’ that’s looking worse and worse.” (Archive is link here)

A couple of  brutally critical key quotes from that article shows that it isn’t just “conservatives” that see this Verrit sites as some type of “safe space” for Clinton supporters:

This isn’t especially useful to anyone. The only thing Verrit is capable of debunking is parodies of Verrit. False statistics from elsewhere don’t come with codes that users can check against the site’s database. Neither, of course, do real ones. Verrit’s collection is finite — filled only with carefully curated cards that confirm Clinton voters’ views. It serves no purpose except to spare those voters the need to confront beliefs that conflict with their own.


Verrit has taken all the worst parts of today’s liberalism and turned them into a website. It is a safe space for middle-of-the-road Democrats, seeking to shelter them from conversations that would help far more than they hurt, based not on any actual issue of identity but instead on their preference for a candidate who was defeated 10 months ago. It’s only going to help them lose again.

The left-leaning Politico website is even more brutal as they headline with “This Pro-Hillary Website Looks Like North Korean Agitprop,” where their sub header states “Peter Daou, the prickly pro-Clinton operative, has launched a propaganda rag so shameless it would make Kim Jong Un blush.”

One example they missed comes from the progressive liberal website slate, where the title basically says it all “Clinton Confirms That Democrats Will Relitigate the 2016 Primary Until the Sun Swallows the Earth.”

Much like her new book is doing, while blaming Bernie Sanders, Barack Obama, the DNC, democratic voters, Russia, James Comey, women voters, and misogyny, for an election she lost.

From her book to her endorsement of this new Hillary supporter “safe space” website, even Democrats that were her donors and surrogates for her campaign are sick and tired of her constant complaints, blaming everyone, and her narcissistic desire to stay in the spotlight, as they are saying “The best thing she could do is disappear. She’s doing harm to all of us because of her own selfishness. Honestly, I wish she’d just shut the f— up and go away.”

A former Obama aide describes it as “the Hillary Show, 100 percent. A lot of us are scratching our heads and wondering what she’s trying to do. It’s certainly not helpful.” (Source – The Hill)

Other headlines and reactions to the Verrit site can be seen at Washington Free Beacon, who concludes “It Appears Clinton Is Only Person Who Likes News Platform Verrit.”


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Well it didn’t take long after Hillary Clinton endorsed the Verrit website for the site to crash, with Daou claiming it was because of DDoS attacks, but as a “digital” guru, it didn’t look good to go down so soon after creating the website, but the most hilarious aspect of Daou’s Twitter trolling of anyone and everyone that ever said anything critical of Clinton or her campaign, even supporters that held her accountable for her own loss, is how Daou the troll, is now being trolled by others who are creating their own Verrit “verified facts’ and quotes.

Gizmodo, who also panned the Verrit website, highlighted a left-wing satirical group called The Institute for Progressive Memetics, who has created a parody “verrit generator,” which creates fake “cards” or memes that are indistinguishable from the real ones, that were meant to be shared as “pro-Hillary” propaganda and the results have made Daou and Verrit the laughingstock of the internet.

Here are two examples of ‘verified’ quotes from the Verrit website:



Here are two from the parody Verrit generator:



More hysterical parodies of the “Verrit” quotes can be found in three different hashtags, #Verrit #verritified and #VerritFacts, over at Twitter.

Or, since the Verrit site only “verifies” quotes it keeps in its own database, not allowing critical direct quotes of Hillary or her campaign, readers can go to the Parody Verrit Generator and create their own to counter the pro-Clinton propaganda that Daou’s website is generating.

Link –

Here is a quote from a WND article that the official Verrit site doesn’t seem to have in their database, created by me, this morning!



I am truly not understanding the purpose of a “pro-Hillary” site when the election is over and it is doubtful that liberals would be stupid enough to ever nominate her for another presidential election, so what does “#StillWithHer” even mean?


Either way, Hillary groupies, for lack of a better phrase, are using the Verrit site to create these cards in order to push propaganda throughout the Internet, and conservatives from all over are countering with their own direct quotes that Verrit won’t acknowledge because they aren’t pro-Hillary propaganda.

It was a bad idea from the get-go, even far left liberal progressives admit it, but it will be interesting to see how long the site can survive even with Clinton’s narcissistic endorsement.

NOTE– Any readers that decide to create their own “meme” in the form of a Verrit card, please feel free to share the image in the comment section.

New Hillary Website Backfires Big Time – ???? – Now Complete Laughing Stock Even to Liberals!

YouTube video courtesy of the great Mark Dice

Below is a liberal commentator, hates Breitbart, mocks Republicans, yet he shreds this Verrit site, Hillary Clinton, the founder of the site and the “bubble” everyone that joins the site is in….. perhaps the most disturbing part of his analysis though, is he is convinced and seems pretty upset by his conviction, that “Hillary is going to run again in 2020.”

Is he right? Does the fact that Hillary Clinton just won’t go away, even with liberals begging her to, indicate that she is going to run for president again in 2020?


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