While The World Prayed For Vegas, Hillary Prayed A Benghazi Trial Would Go Well…


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Ahmed Abu Khatallah, the man that planned and assisted in the attack on the U.S.-staffed compound in Benghazi, Libya began his trial on Monday.  The attack, which resulted in the deaths of Ambassador Christopher Stevens as well as three other Americans became the center of controversy and manipulation during the years of the Obama Administration.  It was later revealed that the former president authorized his officials to lie to the American public about the attack.


Reuters reports:

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In his opening statement in U.S. District court for the District of Columbia, federal prosecutor John Crabb said Khatallah hates America “with a vengeance” and played a leading role in organizing the Sept. 11, 2012, attack on the U.S. diplomatic mission in Benghazi.


Khatallah, he said, “didn’t light the fires and he didn’t fire the mortars but you will hear he is just as guilty as the men who lit those fires.”

Khatallah, who face charges including murder and providing material support to terrorists, sat at the table wearing a white shirt and headphones that allowed him to hear an Arabic translation of the proceedings.


The terrorist is represented by Jeffrey Robinson (a job that no lawyer could possibly envy) and he is working hard to deny his client’s involvement in the attack that took place on the anniversary of the deadliest terror plot on American soil.

More Details Emerge:

Last month, in an exclusive published by Breitbart, it was revealed that the State Department, while operating under the “guidance” of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, decided to turn down a partnership with a security contractor formerly tasked with defending the compound.

The firm, Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions, admitted to Breitbart that they were in talks with State just a matter of weeks before the fires were lit at the Benghazi compound.  By the time the fires were put out, an american diplomat had lost his life.

Torres Advanced Enterprise Solutions is run by Jerry Torres, a former member of the US Special Forces, and the outfit has been successful in supporting American embassies in Iraq, Afghanistan and various other hot-spots where diplomatic relations must still be maintained.

Acting as a spokesman for the firm, Bradley Owens said he fully believed that their presence could have mitigated the disaster that took place on September 12th, 2012.

What’s even more alarming, however, is what he said next:

We were asked 12 days before the attacks if we can come in and take over security. So they knew it wasn’t safe. Wait, it gets worse. We, of course, said yes. I got an email from our director of operations. We were going to rent a compound that was half a kilometer from the compound in Benghazi.

We were going to have a six-man team on the ground that were all ex-pat. And because of the work we were doing in Libya pre-and-post the war, we had a lot of friends who were Libyan and who knew how to fight.

Monday’s Testimony:

Yesterday, the court heard testimony from the last man to see Ambassador Stevens alive: Special Agent Scott Wickland.  Wickland described the smoldering inferno that engulfed the complex and threatened to asphyxiate the ambassador and State Department staffer Sean Smith.  They crawled on their bellies through wreckage attempting to breath through “the last centimeter of air” that hovered between the floor and the smoke that slowly descended from all around.

The harrowing tale has a conclusion we all know too well.  Shortly after the men began crawling, Wickland lost sight of his charge and the three would never be reunited.

Perhaps the most troubling detail to emerge from yesterday’s hearing came from the defense which argued that many of the government’s witnesses were “people who lie.” Perhaps this terrorist’s defense lawyer is willing to do anything to see this man walk free.

We will continue to cover the case as it develops further.


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