CORRUPTION FILES: Hillary Camp Faces A New ‘BIMBO Eruption’… This Will DESTROY Campaign [VIDEO]



Hillary Clinton’s advisers are getting paranoid about Slick Willy’s past romps with numerous women damaging her (pathetic) Presidential run. Women are coming out of the wood work lately sharing the truth.

And THAT’S what we want! Almost 7 years of lies and deception from Obama and Clinton and the rest of these liberal scumbags has absolutely crushed America. 


Hope and Change? Great slogan- horrific results…

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With her presidential bid the couple’s relationship is the subject of renewed scrutiny bringing with it the threat of a second ‘eruption of bimbos’ akin to the one that almost derailed Bill’s own presidential bid first time round.

In recent weeks Hillary’s campaign has found itself increasingly mired in the scandals of the past.


Paula Jones, whose sexual harassment case almost cost Bill the presidency 21 years ago, has already come forward to deliver her verdict on Hillary’s bid for the highest office.

In an exclusive interview with Daily Mail Online she slammed Hillary’s hopes saying her ‘lies’ over sexual scandals of which she must have been aware, should disqualify her from the Oval office.

Similarly Linda Tripp, the woman who outed Monica Lewinsky, felt compelled to speak out against Hillary’s presidential bid. She broke more than a decade of silence in an exclusive interview with Daily Mail Online in which she described Hillary as forever associated, ‘with the lingering taint of scandal and wrongdoing.’

She revealed how Hillary stage-managed and orchestrated the ‘bimbo eruptions,’ ruthlessly destroying the credibility of the women who came forward and neatly turning herself into First Victim in the process.

Today Lucianne Goldberg, the literary agent who looked after several of the women claiming relations with Bill Clinton, said it is no longer a matter of ‘if’ the ‘bimbo eruptions’ will return to haunt Hillary.  Speaking to Daily Mail Online, Goldberg said: ‘It’s already happened. It’s back. I think it’s something they’ve always been worried about.’

According to Goldberg the ‘bimbo eruptions’ are just one of many scandals that have left her convinced that Hillary will have to bow out before nominations. She said: ‘I don’t think she’s going to make it to the nomination. I never thought she would. It’s cumulative. It’s everything piling on her.’

And, she added: ‘I think there are people who need to be reminded of this because it’s a whole generation since it happened…[but] you just can’t get the toothpaste back in the tube once it’s out there.’

Another victim, Kathleen Willey, who claimed she was sexually assaulted by Bill Clinton during his presidency, is going after Hillary with a website chronicling ‘a scandal a day’ – and she’s looking for more sex-harassment victims.

Willey says Hillary Clinton is ‘the most corrupt human being, the most corrupt politician that this nation has ever seen, man or woman.’

She’s working overtime to remind Americans – and to teach young voters who weren’t yet born in 1993 – of her husband’s reputation as a legendary lothario.

Among the most explosive of scandals was Gennifer Flowers, 65, whose torrid 12 year affair with Bill during his time as Attorney General and governor of Arkansas wrought havoc on his presidential bid in 1992. She may be next to divulge more damaging secrets of her time with the former president.

LMAO! I can’t tell you how happy I am to see the Clinton world getting CRUSHED! Keep it coming baby! We have had enough of their garbage.


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