BOMBSHELL: Hillary Caught RED HANDED Accepting 12 Million Dollars From THIS Terrorist Organization

Did Hillary Clinton Take 12 Million Dollars from a MUSLIM DICTATOR in Exchange for a Weapons Deal?

The Clinton Foundation is essentially a racketeering front and is a shameful abuse of power.  Any thinking American knows the foundation is a haven for greed and corruption, receiving millions upon millions in donations, yet they only donate a paltry 6% of those donations to ACTUAL charity.

In 2015, it seems that Hillary Clinton hammered out a sweet deal for the Foundation with the corrupt and despicable King of Morocco, Mohammed VI. He is known for gross violations of human rights and extreme amounts of corruption.



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According to The Free Thought Project – “Morocco was so corrupt, they are considered, along with Tunisia, as the country which “sentences the most journalists to prison in the Arab world.” According to Human Rights Watch annual report 2016, Moroccan authorities restricted the rights to peaceful expression, association, and assembly through several laws.” If you are known by the company you keep?  Well, you fill in the blanks!


He agreed that he would pay $12 million dollars to her foundation, and Hillary would speak at his event.  You read that correctly — 12 MILLION DOLLARS JUST TO “SPEAK” AT AN EVENT — so they tell us anyway.



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BUT since any thinking American knows that Hillary Clinton is not exactly what anyone would accuse of being an honest person with any sort of integrity. It goes without saying that it is HIGHLY unlikely that a regime as rife with corruption as the Morrocan one is?  Well, let’s just say that it’s unlikely he was just feeling uber charitable.  Hillary isn’t THAT good of a speaker. As usual with Hilary, there was more than meets the eye —


Hillary did NOT end up going to speak in Morocco at the King’s event because her campaign worried how this would “look” to the American voting public.  Instead, Bill and Chelsea went, traveling to Morocco in May of 2015….and the $12 million was paid to the Clinton Foundation as promised. Since we all know that VERY few people in this world will just give away $12 million, the question that is that begs to be asked?

WHAT did the Muslim dictator king get in return? WEAPONS.  Missiles to be exact.

Then, in November of 2015, just a few months after Bill and Hillary’s jaunt to Morocco, the U.S. State Department approved a missile system sale to Morocco.  Coincidence? Yeah, I didn’t think so!

h/t – NY Post & The Free Thought Project

God Bless.

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