BREAKING: Hillary Clinton To Be ARRESTED At DNC Convention…



The Socialist Leftist group DNC Action Committee is planning on arresting Hillary Clinton DURING her acceptance speech of the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination at the party’s convention in Philadelphia.


These are hardcore Bernie Sanders supporters that are PISSED OFF! And I don’t blame them one bit! You people got SCREWED!

The list of charges crosses party/ideological lines to include election fraud, money laundering through the Clinton Foundation and endangering national security by the exclusive secret use of a private email server for government business during Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State during the first term of the Obama administration, Gateway Pundit reports.


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Action in Philadelphia TONIGHT

Tonight, on the last night of the DNC, we will stand together to perform a Citizens Arrest on Hillary Rodham Clinton. In PA, a felony is required to justify a Citizens Arrest.


To this, we accuse Hillary Rodham Clinton of being an accessory to the mass election fraud that took place during the 2016 Democratic presidential primary, and collusion with Democratic party officials who sought to undermine Bernie Sanders’ campaign. This was especially egregious in Philadelphia where the Democratic Party handed out ballot listings that explicitly excluded Bernie Sanders and his supporters.

We accuse Hillary Rodham Clinton for being complicit in international money laundering (through the Clinton Foundation).


We accuse Hillary Rodham Clinton of being complicit in treason by keeping sensitive state secrets on her private server, thus endangering the lives of undercover agents.

To these ends, we will march into the gates of the Wells Fargo center during her speech. Our intent is to non-violently present Hillary Rodham Clinton with a Citizens Arrest. We request that the Philadelphia Police Department, Homeland Security, and all present law enforcement agencies assist us in our Citizens Arrest. Should they choose to prevent us from carrying out the arrest, we are prepared to risk arrest ourselves.

We stand in solidarity with other concerned citizens demonstrating in Philadelphia against the criminal actions of Hillary Rodham Clinton and the failure of the Democratic Party to support the needs of the people in this city and around the United States.

Here is a description from their page:

With calls for a million people to gather in Philadelphia this July, the world prepares to watch a political drama unfold in a city that has shaped American history. As local organizers, activists, and concerned citizens of the world who call this place home, we have come together to welcome you to the City of Brotherly Love.

We represent a unified front whose shared purpose is to vocally disrupt, discredit, and delegitimize the DNC – the committee, the convention, and the corrupt practices and policies they all embody. Everything we do is a staunch and outspoken objection to the illegitimate political authority of the Democratic Party. If it’s an organized action in protest of the DNC – here in Philly or nationwide – we stand in solidarity with the people’s natural right and inherent need to stand against corruption and injustice.

With a bird’s-eye view of the city, we offer our sincere guidance, hospitality and asylum before, during, and after the convention. We are providing housing and travel information, a comprehensive calendar of events for the week, and establishing welcome centers around the city. Online and on-site at the Convention, we will help amplify the individual messages of all who resist this system by promoting events, providing information, and connecting likeminded individuals for support, attendance, and collaboration.

We love this city and everyone in it. These are our streets, and in an effort to connect our struggles here at home to the struggle of millions of Americans whose hopes have been set on this Convention we are here to say,

Welcome to Philadelphia.

Press/media inquiries please contact:




The DNC Action Committee describes itself on its website:

A Movement to Repair a Broken System

The world prepares to watch a political drama unfold in a city that has shaped American history. Philadelphia: the poorest city, with the highest mass incarceration and child removal rate for any city of its size in the US. A city whose struggle is deeply interwoven with the stories of millions of Americans whose hopes rest on the outcome of this convention. Come help influence the outcome of the convention, make history and shape our future!

In a system built to divide us, a shared purpose has emerged; To unite our numbers to disrupt, discredit, and delegitimize the DNC – the Party, the committee, and the corrupt practices and policies they embody. Whether you are a mass movement for Bernie Sanders, an advocate for a 3rd Party or a platform to raise up the voiceless, together we are mobilizing to display staunch opposition to the machinery that serves the 1%. We are taking our demands to the streets, to the convention floor and to the entire nation… And we are doing it together.

If you are done waiting for the problem to fix itself. If you haven’t quite given up yet… If you don’t want to hear about the revolution second hand… #GetHere. By any means necessary, show up like you were meant to be here and use this site to find your way. Join the various marches, protests, teach-ins, conventions, rallies and family gatherings. We may not all see eye to eye, but we will raise fists with all those who see no other option than to put humanity and the planet first!”

Well, I wish them luck and hope they arrest this pile of garbage. But in reality, we all know that it will never happen- at least until Trump takes the White House and sicks the BIG DOGS on her, not a bunch of paid off scumbags like Comey and Lynch.

No, when Trump gets in we have a good chance of putting Hillary right where she belongs- in a fricking cage eating SOS and banging around with her BLM thugs she claims to give a sh*t about.

LMAO! F them all.



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