Hillary Clinton Calls For HIGHER Taxes… Or As She Calls Them, “Revenue Enhancements”



Are you paying attention? This women can not possibly be any sane person’s choice as our next president! Hillary will wreck whatever is left of the economy after Obama is finished with it. Where will the funds for “revenue enhancement” come from then? All of the new “undocumented” immigrants will still be on the government dole and all of the formerly middle class Americans will be unemployed.

Nick Morpus at Rare reports:

Whenever politicians feel the need to sell an idea that they know is either bad, unpopular, or both, they will invent or seek out creative new labels for their plans. 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has now proposed many new government programs including a government funded universal preschool. Sounds great but how will this be paid for, you guessed it, higher taxes.

The one thing the campaign wants you to remember though: Clinton isn’t simply promoting what we all believe to be the run-of-the-mill tax hikes. Instead, her camp is suggesting implementing “revenue enhancements.” This simply means “tax hike” in politician terms. When it comes to Washington, remember when something “must” be funded, the money will almost always come from “more revenue” rather than the cutting and reallocating existing funds.

Perhaps she may want to start by dipping into the $200,000 speaking charge revenue enhancement she just pocketed from the children’s charity “The Boys and Girls Club” as a means to kicking off her universal preschool program.

According to them, it’s not our money, it’s their money that they are graciously allowing us to keep to demonstrate how fair and compassionate they are. If they need more, then it’s within their right to confiscate what they need in the name of the ‘greater good’.

Alas…”We the people” of America are no longer asleep and this is something that all presidential candidates will soon see if they haven’t already. The days of Obama being elected simply because of his race are over and we will not fall for the same when it comes to Hillary by voting for her simply because of her gender. We are watching and statements such as this will most definitely spread and awaken even more voters that the liberal ideologies that have America on the path to ruin will no longer be ignored!

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