Hillary Clinton Has DISTURBING Response To Istanbul Terror Attack, This Is UNREAL


On Tuesday, a trio of terrorists stormed a Turkish airport and killed at least 41 people while injuring hundreds more, and while it shocked the entire world, presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton had an utterly disturbing reply to it.

As the threat of radical Islam continues to grow across the planet, the Democrat Party seems to be taking the head-in-the-sand approach to dealing with it. After Orlando, they immediately turned to blame guns and frame the attack as a hate crime despite the killer pledging his allegiance to the Islamic State, and now it appears as if they’re going to be taking it a step further.


If you remember correctly, it took Hillary over a day to even acknowledge that 51 people were ruthlessly slaughtered on American soil, and even after she did she tried blaming groups like the NRA for “easy access” to “military-grade” firearms, and not radical Islam itself. Well her response to Istanbul hasn’t been any better.

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According to a report from the New York Post, she held a town hall even tin Los Angeles on Tuesday night, and while she discussed everything from revenge porn to Trump being “xenophobic” for his desire to slow down Muslim immigration, two topics she didn’t touch were radical Islam or the attack in Turkey.


Qualified to be commander-in-chief, you say? Not exactly.

The Post has more:


Rather than discuss the trio of ISIS-suspected suicide attacks that have so far claimed the lives of 41 and injured many more, Clinton discussed revenge porn, calling herself “Exhibit A,” but declining to explain more.

“I’ll do everything I can as president to figure out how we can give victims like you tools and protect yourself and others,” Clinton told the town hall audience in response to a question about revenge porn. “I’ll look to all of you — bullying online, revenge porn, cyber-stalking — all too common, ruins lives, leads people to lose confidence, depression, suicide.”

Clinton also used the live event with YouTube stars to dump on Donald Trump. “I am not sympathetic to the xenophobia, the misogyny, the homophobia, the Islamophobia … or the sort of dog whistles that Trump uses to create that fervor among a lot of his supporters,” she said.

To the contrary, Trump lashed out against the attacks during a campaign stop in Ohio, where he warned that the current policies are only endangering us.

“There’s something going on that’s really, really bad,” he said. “And we better get smart and we better get tough or we’re not going to have much of a country left.”

To Hillary’s defense, she did release a written statement about the Istanbul terror attack, but it wasn’t exactly one that was clear in its message. Again she mentioned the “campaign of hatred and violence” when referring to the attack, and the real doozy came with what she says the actual problem is – “radical jihadism.”

No, seriously. That’s what she said is responsible for Istanbul, Orlando, and countless other attacks that have claimed the lives of thousands of innocents, radical jihadism.

Again, the “most qualified” candidate for president ever? No, not by a country mile. If you’re afraid to call our enemy by name, then you’re unfit to hold the highest office in the country.

Oh, and for the hyper politically correct people who would defend Clinton and Obama’s refusal to call radical Islam radical Islam, even the terrorists are getting upset over it. The Daily Caller reported that al-Qaeda is directing its jihadists to attack white people so that Western governments can’t blame their attacks on hate crimes or anything other than what it is – radical Islam.

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God Bless.



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